Mark Wahlberg married in a Catholic Church

I don’t know much about the current celbs, but I came across this article. They have 3 children together and now they’re married.

I just don’t get the thought process of having a family and then getting married.

i heard they had their reception at a cafeteria.

Instead of the typical snide remarks, lets look at it another way.

They are finally doing the right thing and making it legal.

There was nothing illegal about what they were doing prior to marriage.

As priorities change so does the thought process. I bet a few generations ago a lot more first children were born “premature” by a few months.

If you all don’t mind me asking is there an official Church position on conducting the ceremony, the sacrament? We are all assuming that the Wahlberg’s did not live as brother and sister in the days before the actual ceremiony.

I don’t normally take an interest in celebrities, and I’m not completely sure who he is, but I wish them well. :slight_smile:

Aw, good on him! He was the “Marky Mark” of “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch,” and is the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg from the boy band of a hundred years ago, “New Kids On The Block”. He posed for Calvin Klein underwear wearing nothing but his underwear. Had a book. Dedicated it to a certain part of HIS male body. Later became an actor.

He really has come a long way. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it will last.

What he is supposed to live in sin all his life? Some people come to God later in life than others. Isn’t God just as happy with the lost sheep who returned as he is with one that never went astray in the first place? I think good on him. Hope all works out well for him and his wife. I hear he is a devoted family man and a regular “charlie church”. But thats what i hear.

Since there are kids involved all I can say is that I happy they have a marriage in God’s eyes. Later is better than never. The fact that they at least give importance to the sacrament is a good thing for their kids, and at least they are giving their kids (presumably) access to the sacraments growing up.
None of us know the conditions of their souls, we can only be happy at the joining of a man and woman as one through the sacrament of marriage.

His change of heart and coming to God would make a good story to tell. It would, IMO, offset the secular trend to poo-poo marriage. It would help others who emulate him to rethink their lack of committment to marriage and encourage others to make the trip to the altar especially after having children.

Come on people, so what if they lived together before. Thats in the past, they are married now which is all that matters in the eys of God. I don’t agree with them living together and having children before, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

Aw thats awesome! I know its rather old news but I only just heard about it lol :smiley: I knew he was a Christian but I didnt realise he got married in a Catholic church. Good for him.

The couple attended the 2011 Oscars ceremony together, so apparently they are still a pair.

And a recent news article mentions, in passing, that he attends Mass daily.

A segment on the US television show 60 Minutes which aired last year indicates that Wahlberg’s parish priest had a great effect on reforming him.

This is not in any way meant to canonize Wahlberg, but I couldn’t help but note the turnaround in the man, brought about in by the life-long positive influence of one parish priest who, while not ignoring his crimes, loved and believed in the kid.

Mark Wahlberg was a boy raised by a single mother and one of few (if not the only) positive, strong, male role model in his life was a parish priest who came to his court appearance, visited him in prison, and believed in him through it all. Now he’s receiving Our Lord at every opportunity and doing what he can to bring a new hope for a better life to so many others in his home community. Father Flavin had an inestimable role in bringing it about. That is a redemption story–another story of Christ working in one’s heart, drawing that heart to come closer to His own.

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