Mark Zuckerberg reveals he’s no longer an atheist


*Mark Zuckerberg is a true believer again.

The Facebook founder, who formerly identified as an atheist, revealed last week that religion has come back into his life in a holiday post.

He posted a short message on Facebook wishing his followers a: “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah from Priscilla, Max, Beast and me!”

One of his devout fans questioned his religious views, writing in a comment, “Aren’t you an atheist?”

And Zuckerberg responded.

“No. I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things, but now I believe religion is very important,” he wrote.

Zuckerberg’s wife is a practicing Buddhist, which he has taken interest in. He even said a prayer in front of the Wild Goose Pagoda — a Buddhist landmark in Xi’an, China — during a 2015 visit.

“Priscilla is Buddhist and asked me to offer a prayer from her as well. Buddhism is an amazing religion and philosophy, and I have been learning more about it over time. I hope to continue understanding the faith more deeply,” he wrote in a post that included a photo of him kneeling in front of the pagoda.*


Technically speaking, Buddhists ARE atheists, in that they deny the existence of gods, or anything supernatural.

They believe in metaphysical realities, such as souls and spirits, but as part of the natural world.


It seems many intelligent people are willing to believe in something “spiritual” but not in God Who is personal and Creator, with rules and laws that are unchangeable.

Perhaps not consciously, but “spirituality” without God still places humans first. It doesn’t sound much different from secular humanism in that humans are capable by themselves for “transcendence”.


So does this mean he’ll become tolerant towards conservatives, while cracking down on leftists who use Facebook to advocate violence ?


I wish Mr. Zuckerber and his family well. I hope this is not the “vague religious mysticism” Pope Benedict warned about but I don’t know him.

Is everything about politics? Fer cryin’ out loud.

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I can’t help but think that in many ways he would profit more by returning to his childhood religion. At least there is some truth in it.


I am a former Buddhist and that’s not entirely accurate, some Buddhists like Tibetan Buddhists do have deities. I would also like to point out that atheism is the denial of the existence of God, to Buddhists it’s not an important question. I am sorry, but I don’t like it when people misrepresent what people believe and while I’m no longer Buddhist and have a huge problem with a lot of Buddhism I do believe you should correct people when they are wrong about a religion.


I am a former Buddhist and my major problem with Buddhism is that it claims that all life is suffering, I agree that life has a lot of suffering and that selfishness is no problem, I just disagree what Buddhism teaches about it. I am going to say however that I am glad that Zuckerberg has taken an interest in any religion because that’s still better than what he was at before.


Having children sometimes brings adults back to the faith.


I was going to say the same thing.


Good insight. A big slab of responsibility does wonders to some people!!


Responsibility, but more than that…
Suddenly you are punched in between the eyes with the great value of selflessness.


Buddhists are not atheists.

They’re the very true definition of Agnosticism.


It seems to me also.

People today I suppose seeks the assurance of something warm and fuzzy but without the responsibilities (for want of a better word) that come with it. Personally I’m not sure if that’s better than atheism or not - because embracing the idea even of God and then deciding for oneself to make up one’s own rules based on what one would like God to want one to do, seems somewhat ridiculous.

But, whatever…I don’t mean that to sound judgemental, it’s just interesting and maybe mildly irritating to ponder. I wish him and his family well.




I’ve seen that happen.



Having a relationship with God is better than not having one at all, even if the former comes without the addition of following the rules of a Christian church.


I’d imagine he’s attracted to Buddhism. A lot of rich, trendy, gentrifying types tend to be. I recall Steve Jobs was a Zen Buddhist, or at least subscribed to a perverted vaguely spiritual western appropriation of it. It’s easy to claim to be part of a belief system that rejects the value of material things when you can’t possibly ever want materially. Only the rich really have that luxury.


many people brought up Jewish experiment with Buddhism.


Happened to me!

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