Mark Zuckerberg speaks out against "building walls"


Mark Zuckerberg speaks out against “building walls”


I usually pay little or no attention to what Zuckerberg says, but this is kind of refreshing after the tons of billionaires who endorse Donald Trump. :slight_smile:


I don’t think Zuckerberg would mind the Berlin Wall.


Zuckerberg likes them H-1B visas to keep tech wages down. You don’t get to be a billionaire by being generous with your own money.


Zuckerberg wants to make sure that everyone in the world has access to the internet. I guess he figures that he can gather the personal information of everyone on the planet and sell it for bundles of cash. What a noble thought. When he first made the proposal a few years ago Bill Gates said that people in poor countries need food, clean water and medicine far more than they need the internet.

Facebook amazes me. I always thought that it would go the way of My Space but it seems that middle age and up women love to post things about themselves and what happens in their lives.


Is he getting involved in the NC toilet issue - because they really need walls! :rolleyes:


I believe that every time there is a new Social Media Startup that starts gaining traction, Facebook buys it.

It isn’t as popular as it once was though, I’m finding more and more people don’t use it, or haven’t used it in ages, or in my case, have never used it. :slight_smile:


As a millennial in high school, I can tell you that my generation loves Twitter.


I have thought the same thing, and waiting for the day for him or someone else to come out with this ‘great’ new idea of free internet for everyone, this would really be beneficial to those in power, industries, those collecting and storing data on us, etc.

FB is heading the way of myspace, its just going a bit slower, I was surprised when talking to some of my middle school/ high school nieces and nephews recently who said FB is not as popular for their age group as it used to be, they named some of the similar things they use, I cant recall what they are though, I had never heard of them, but then again, Im in my early 40s!

FB has been around for awhile now, with the younger crowd, trends never last long, they are always on to the next thing.


This is rich in irony from a guy whose entire business relies on firewalls. Lead the way. Turn them off Mark. As a globalist everything he says is only to his advantage not ours.




Also, I would bet that he does not live on a non-fenced, non-gated property.


Of course not. He has actually bought up adjoining houses to increase his separation and privacy.


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