Marked in Heaven?


I read a priest that I respect very much and recently he wrote that in Heaven he would retain the mark of his priesthood, but lose the “mark” of his particular branch of religious life.

ie, Father Joe Priest OFM would remain a Father, but no longer be an OFM.

2 questions:

  1. Is this true? and

  2. Is this true also for third orders? (we were told that we were “marked” as an OFS at profession, for example)

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Pretty much. We aren’t really"marked" with anything when making religious professions; it’s just a manner of speaking. Religious profession, no matter how solemn, is not a sacrament.

Father is correct about not losing the mark of the priesthood, because it’s indelible: the character of Holy Orders.

For the rest of us, we will never lose our marks of baptism and confirmation. These three sacramental characters are the indelible marks on the soul (which is also why these three sacraments cannot be repeated).


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Setting aside the question of “marks”.

I would say that a person being a member of an Order - be it as a religious or as a tertiary (third order person) would yes remain part of that person in heaven (and I would imagine to at the resurrection).

All them Saints and Blessed’s of Orders - including those who are tertiaries…are Saints and Blesseds of their respective Orders and are celebrated as such…and continue as such to intercede for their brothers and sisters on earth - as such. They are on the Orders Calendar etc etc.


Somewhere in the history of the Magdalens there is a recorded vision of the first deceased appearing, saying she had opened their choir in Heaven.

I have used this in one of my novels.




But maybe their orderness :smiley: has nothing to do with it. Padre Pio intercedes for Franciscans, including OFS, sure but not just them. Conversely, there are Saints that I pray to for intercession, that are not a religious, let alone a Franciscan.

Now I am confused again.:frowning:


And there are many visions/apparitions of order saints, appearing in habit…



Seemed to answer the question for me.



Me, too.

I wonder if an apologist could weigh in?


Father Serpa was kind enough to answer my question (brilliantly, IMO :cool:) in AAA:




Yes of course they pray for others that is not what I was getting at. They remain associated with their order they are “Franciscan Saints, Dominican Saints, Mercidarian Saints, Trinitarian Saints, Jesuit Saints” (or blesseds…) they would remain so …

Including the tertiaries.


yes indeed!


And if one looks too to their relics and the documents what does it note? Their religious Order …that goes for the tertiaries too.


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It’s true in the sense that there are certain things that leave a certain permanent mark on the soul.
The things that do this are ordination to the priesthood, ordination as a bishop as well as baptism. These sacraments “configure” the soul toward Christ for a certain vocation. Priests will still be priests in heaven. Religious profession does not carry the same impact.
That said, there is no reason to think that the path to sanctification for a person will not be reflected in their resurrection. I suspect that all the orders will be represented in heaven.

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