Marker placed at Hyde Park shopping center where Obamas shared first kiss

Marker placed at Hyde Park shopping center where Obamas shared first kiss

By Dahleen Glanton, Chicago Tribune reporter

12:01 a.m. CDT, August 16, 2012

She was an attorney at a big Chicago law firm. He was a Harvard Law student who landed a job there as a summer associate. He was immediately smitten. She wasn’t so sure. But he won her over, and the couple sealed their budding romance with a kiss at the Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Hyde Park…

Though the Baskin-Robbins the Obamas visited has been replaced with a Subway sandwich shop, there is a different Baskin-Robbins a few doors down in the same shopping center. Some suggested that the site could become a popular spot for first dates and even marriage proposals.

A touching story.

Why is Baskin-Robbins sticking out in my head? Oh, because it was one of the troubled companies purchased and salvaged by BAIN CAPITAL!!!

Of course, that was in 2006, after Romney left Bain Capital, and well after the first kiss, but ironic, nontheless.

Isn’t that just precious? :smiley:

I know the place well. I was only in there once, though. My wife (not yet at that time) got some ice cream with walnuts or pecans in it, gave me some, and I had an allergic reaction. Maybe that’s a fitting analogy to the Obama presidency. Anyway, the neighboring “Wok n Roll” was a more frequent stop for me…at least in days gone by.

Quoting from the Chicago Tribune article

It’s not far from the Hyde Park Hair Salon on Blackstone Avenue, where the barber chair Obama used to sit in to get his hair cut is on display, enclosed in glass.

Wow… I thought the boulder plaque was strange,yet kind of touching in light hearted way. But the barber chair enclosed in in glass is just plain surreal.

When they do this for every President, I’ll care. :slight_smile:

Even more troubling to me was the “Elijah Muhammed = Frank Lloyd Wright (Robie House)”

Linda Swift, 67, said the marker gives tourists another reason to visit Hyde Park, the Obamas’ old stomping ground. It’s not far from the Hyde Park Hair Salon on Blackstone Avenue, where the barber chair Obama used to sit in to get his hair cut is on display, enclosed in glass.

“We’ve got (Nation of Islam leader) Elijah Muhammad’s house, Frank Lloyd Wright houses, the barbershop and now this,” said Swift, who walked up the block with her camera after a friend stopped by and told her about the marker. “Now I can bring tourists to see this too.”

It’s a good publicity/marketing move by the shopping center owners.

The 3,000-pound granite boulder, commissioned by the owners of Dorchester Commons, was 2 1/2 years in the making, according to Jonelle Kearney, a spokeswoman for Mid-America Asset Management, which manages the shopping center. She said the idea came about after several queries from visitors.

Pretty creepy, if you ask me.

It’s interesting that we Catholics are often criticized by others who think we idolize saints, yet the barber chair that Obama sat in is encased in glass and the spot where he first kissed his wife is memorialized with a granite boulder. Who’s idolizing whom?

That they do stuff like that for any president… Maybe a plaque at the first place that JFK had an assignation with Marilyn Monroe…?

i wish i hadn’t eaten right before reading these posts. i don’t feel so well now.
this is just too much for me. the barber chair where Obama got his hair cut is now encased in glass? a marker where Barry and Michelle had their first kiss? remind me the next time i am in Chicago not to include these spots on my list of places to visit!! :smiley:

Will there be video? :smiley:

I should have read more deeply. If its a private facility putting up a worship marker to the eternal and endearing romance of the Obama’s, I say have at it.

Too Much Information! :stuck_out_tongue:

insert snarky comment about the government being the church and Obama being God :smiley:

On a serious note: this is a cute story. Still, kinda creepy that they would memorialize all these places like this.

I’m so sorry, but I just think this is SO :rotfl:.
I feel like I’ve just entered a bad Monty Python skit where everybody does “silly walks” and everything I say is met with a response of “No, you didn’t.”:stuck_out_tongue:

Next we shall declare the cute couple God and Goddess by popular acclaim. Everybody break out the water to be turned into wine.
Or the loaves of bread to be multiplied.


He has multiplied the amount of people on food stamps. Does that count?

Just last week I noticed that our Baskin-Robbins store had closed and was replaced by Smoothie King. Could it be an omen?:slight_smile:

They were going to do the same for each place where Obama bowed to foreign dignitaries too, but they ran out of rock.

It is cute but it’s a bit much. And I wonder who spent money on the plaque. At least previous presidents have had to wait some time to be commemorated or idolized. A restaurant local to where I grew up had a sign in the window for years “George H.W. Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger had lunch here on April xx, 19xx”. Sure, that’s pretty darn cool, I mean I’d love to sit where Ah-nold sat and talked cigars.

Obama certainly is a cult of personality. Immediately after the election, one of the St. Louis alderwomen wanted to rename part of Delmar Blvd. after the President because, in her words “he was the greatest president ever”. This is before the guy took office. Bit much. Also that Nobel Prize for enhancing relations with the Muslim world …

creepy is more like it.

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