Marrage after divorce?

Hi, I have been previously married in a registrar and now divorced and was not Christened at the time, I have recently been baptised into the Catholic church and my partner is an active Catholic. We have been told that we cannot have a Catholic wedding which is very disappointing for both of us, under the situation is there anything that can be done to be allowed to have a Catholic wedding.

I presume that “married in a registrar” means a civil marriage.

There’s a few possibilities in your situation:

  1. If you were civilly married to a Catholic without the Catholic party receiving a dispensation then the marriage is invalid. By providing proof of the Catholic party’s baptism and proof of civil marriage/divorce you could obtain a decree of nullity.

  2. If you were married to a non-Catholic and divorced ***prior ***to your baptism you can apply for a Pauline or Petrine Privilege. Pauline Privilege is for when an unbaptized person was married to another unbaptized person, Petrine Privilege is for when an unbaptized person was married to a baptized non-Catholic.

  3. You can apply for a “full annulment” of your first marriage. This is a process through which the diocesan tribunal examines whether an essential element of marriage was missing from the very beginning.

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