Marriage After Annulment

I am dating a non-Catholic man who was married for 25 years. He and his ex-wife were married in a Non-Denominational Medical Center Chapel, and have been divorced for 5 years. I was married for in a Catholic Church, and was also married for 25 years. I have been divorced 4 years. After the divorce, I was also granted an Annulment. Since my boyfriend & I have been discussing marriage, I was wondering if he would have to also have an Annulment, since we plan on being married by in the Church.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

The Church doesn’t recognize civil divorces, so any previous marriages would have to be investigated. The assumption is that the first marriage is valid unless proven otherwise. Your friend should meet with your priest to start the process.

Yes, if there are grounds (which there may not be). You and he need to go talk to your pastor before you make any more plans.

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