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New here and I have a quick question. So I grew up and was raised Catholic. In my early 20s I went through some issues, met a guy who was all wrong for me and got pregnant. Well, I got my life together, met my husband and got married civilly. He has been wanting to join the church since we met. I have been hestitant since my ugly past, but lately my heart has changed. He is wanting to join and I would like our marriage blessed… think it is called convalidation. Do you think based on my past and my child this is still possible?


Yes unless you had a previous sacramental marriage that hasn’t been annulled or something similar in nature.


Of course, you can all join the Church. We are all past sinners.


No this is my only marriage


It’ll be fine then.


ABSOLUTELY possible. Both of you need to call the parish office and set up an appt. with the Priest. He will help you through everything that needs to be done to get your marriage right with the Church. God Bless y’all for wanting to do this.


Is it your husband’s first marriage, as well? Is he a baptized Christian, or has he never been baptized in any denomination?

(By the way, what folks call a ‘blessing’ – and you’re right, the Church calls a ‘convalidation’ – isn’t just a blessing, it’s an actual marriage ceremony in the Church! (But, it doesn’t have to be a big white-gown-and-bridal-party kind of event.))

The possibility of getting married in the Church doesn’t depend on any children you’ve had in the past. One thing it does depend on is whether both you and your husband are free to marry – that is, that you weren’t party to a valid marriage in your past which is still valid today. Your parish priest can help you through all the questions and give you advice!


How beautiful that you feel Christ tugging at your hearts to be a part of His Church! Dear one, we all have an ugly past that’s what confession is for. Sin is an ongoing battle for all of us you are not alone! So wonderful, welcome and congratulations! Please call or email your parish priest.


Of course! Contact your local parish office to find out about RCIA classes for your husband, and make an appointment to speak to the priest about convalidating your marriage. As long as you weren’t married to the “guy who was all wrong for you”, there should be no major hurdles. If you were married to him, you may need to obtain an annulment. These are all issues the priest can help you with.

Best of luck to you!


As others have said, of course!

You may have already done this, but I also strongly recommend having a good confession/reconciliation. It’s a sacrament of healing for a reason!


Hey guys? Just for the sake of not giving bad advice and potentially setting someone up for disappointment: please remember that, in order to answer the question and not jump the gun, we have to consider the freedom to marry of both spouses, not just the OP.


Yes, likely. Look in to it.


Yes of course. Assuming you don’t have any impediments such as a prior marriage, nor does he.

Having a child is not an impediment to marriage.

Talk to your pastor.


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