Marriage and capitalism


As regards marriage, my Bible clearly states that JESUS SAID (Luke 20:34)

"The children of this world get married but those who are considered worthy of the future world and of the resurrection od the dead do not take eithe husband or wife "

As regards capitalism, the Popes have been saying that it is an evil system, so those who cooperate with capitalism are cooperating with evil.
You can read at this link what Benedict XVI says:

With this, I leave you.
It is always sad for me to see that people who spend their life communicating on a Catholic forum don’t even know the basics of their faith.
But then, this is old news.

I am wasting my time with you.


I find that you’re actually subtly clever after first glance. You’ve been on forums long enough (indeed, in your own religion long enough) to realize fervent ranting gets you nowhere. So instead, you’ll make an enticement here and there and feign disinterest. It’s perfect, really. Thing is, I shouldn’t invest too much time in this accolade, because your post may just as likely indicate stupidity as it would cleverness. I don’t suppose it matters, though; you won’t respond to this anyway. :wink:


I think you are someone in serious need of medical help!


You may be right on that one. I sort of hope you are not, but he seems very calculated. Not only does he constantly insult good people’s way of life, but he paints himself as this broody tortured soul (which may be correct.) A lot of us are pulled into caring about him as that is what loving people do. I found myself insulted, but very concerned for this my tortured fellow man. He is always threatening to leave, but does not. Infact during his last threat, I encouraged him to stay. :frowning:

I hope that I am not talking too much on the wrong topic here, but this poster upsets me very much. I tried to discuss marriage in his last thread, but it was locked down.

I tried to be kind and caring in most cases, but he insults us all the same. I feel gross about having let myself be so concerned about the well being of this person who so freely insults good people. I have been deeply depressed by his worldview. His message is hurtful and I need to research the personal settings where I can block a person. And you are right, he won’t respond, but he probabaly won’t leave. It would seem he cannot. Something is keeping him here. I usually take comfort in the fact that something (the truth of Catholicism) is keeping people on this site, but not in this case. :frowning:

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