Marriage and Children

If someone does not want kids they can’t get married in the church can they. Don’t you have to be at least open to kids. WHatever exactly that means I don’t know.

:confused: Your opening post is confusing, but I’ll answer anyway.

The main reason why Marriage exists is to serve as a perpetual union between a man and a woman.

Marriage is the ultimate proof that both men and women are equal, needing each other in order to truly thrive on the Earth.

The marriage/relationship between husband and wife is the main component of the Human Family.

:love: Procreation serves as the full extent of the union.

Hence, If the man and woman are truly compatible, then sexual intercourse is the sealing of the union.

Therefore, if you don’t want children, then you may/might be expressing a desire to not be in full union with your spouse.


I wonder if there are people who would like to be married in church but may have no desire to have children. It sounds alittle strange, but union can acure without a desire for children in some people. I think we aren’t suppose to think that we control what happens. Some couples can have many children, others have problems conceiving, they just have to be open to what may happen.
You can try protecting to prevent conception( naturally of course) but it may not always work.
So I don’t know if people should marry if they do not want children.

I understand that this can be grounds of in invalid marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church and God if they are not open to children when they get married.

So can you not get married and just not perform coitus; yeah like that’s going to happen. And I’m not sure that it shouldn’t at least in younger years. Maybe a person should stay single then.

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