Marriage and divorce


Does anyone else find it discouraging to see so many divorces? It seems there are so many in my family who were once Catholic and are now not because of divorce and it seems it is getting harder and harder to find a couple as a role model of a lasting marriage. I am not judging or pointing fingers, I just find it discouraging that marriages aren’t lasting. Just a thought.


I know it i unfortunate that divorces are a lot more frequent than enduring marriages. I guess people are getting worse each day passes = /


I believe that the increase in divorces may be due to living together before-hand. Statistics show that around 80% of marriages between those who lived together before-hand didn't last.

However, there are plenty of good, Catholic marriages out there. One example I can think of is the marriage of my maternal grandparents. They married later on their lives within the Catholic Church (my grandmother converted from Anglicanism; my grandfather was a cradle Catholic). They've been together for over 40 years now, and currently live their lives quietly devoted to each other, which is made more significant since my grandfather had one leg amputated many years ago, and now completely depends on his wife to take care of him. I just have to look up to them to see what a life of love and sacrifice is like.

Other than my grandparents, I personally know of many people, both within my family and without, who are in good, Catholic marriages. So don't be discouraged! Marriage is meant to last.


No doubt, it makes me sad too. But there are still many success stories out there. My parents have been married for 43 years. My wife and I for 10, my sisters 6 and 4 years, respectively. On my wife's side, there are 2 divorces, but her parents have been married for about 40 years, her aunt about 45 years. Her grandparents both were married until the men died. There is so much out there that is antagonistic to marriage. Pornography, substance abuse, debt, work... God bless all of the couples who persevere in honoring their commitment made before God and one another. It takes a lot of effort. It takes submission. It aint easy to make it in this twisted culture.


Yes I find it sad as well. All we can do is pray. And people who are in good marriages have that much more to thank God for.

When I was 15, I lived with a family for the summer and I was a mother's helper. The couple became my role model. I remember at that young age thinking 'I want a marriage just like theirs. They either agree or respect each other's opinion. In the 2 months I lived there only once did I see the wife slightly raise her voice at her husband.

When I was 26 I was in town and looked them up. I only talked to the husband because in the years since, their daughter died and they then got a divorce. My heart ache.

Sad, but keep the faith, you never know what God has for you


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