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I have posted this request before, but as my 10 year wedding anniversary nears, I thought I would post again. Please pray for me and my husband Jason. We are separated. Please pray for God’s light and goodness to fill our marriage and our family. I am tired of the darkness. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will fill us with His gifts and that our minds and hearts will be opened to conversion and that we will become the holy family God intended us to be. Thanks for your prayers.




Dear Lord, I pray that Your love be the bond between this husband and wife. Touch their hearts, dear God, that they may see You in each other and be drawn to a holy marriage. In Jesus name we pray.


Dear Father in Heaven, please open Mary and Jason’s hearts to each other again and to the love they have for you. Bless their home and their family and bring them back together as you would like them to be.

Open the eyes of their hearts to see what You need them to do to change and repair their marriage and make it whole again.

I ask that You fill them with Your peace during this hard time and with Your love so that they can grow toward each other and closer to You. In Jesus Name I ask this, Amen.


Will pray for you at Mass today.:gopray:


Praying for you both. For healing hearts to become loving hearts once again. That any obstacles on the road to a long married life are cleared by God’s love and compassion for you both. God Bless.




**Praying!:gopray2: **




I am praying for your intentions.


Praying. :gopray:


Praying for your family and all that are going through difficult times.


I pray for God’s strength for you!

Will offer up your intention during my holy hour.

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