Marriage and Holy Communion

If the marriage are holy and relation between husband and wife are holy, why intimate are forbid before holy communion, what are the key of holy Fathers and Saint Paul interpretation?

??? Could you explain?

If you are under the impression that sexual relations are forbidden for some time period before receiving the Eucharist, you are mistaken.

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Although I would try and avoid getting in the way in the aisle …


There are rules on married priests fasting from this prior to celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the EO and EC churches, although I believe that some have relaxed this requirement.

Perhaps that is where this came from.


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There might even be a fast for married Latin priests as well.

I suppose there could be . . . but given that the need for every priest to have the dispensation for multiple Sunday masses goes back farther than accepting Lutheran and Anglican clergy, I’d be seriously surprised . . .


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I meant the sex fast.

However, the fact that there are some married Latin priests who are the pastor and sole priest at their parish (Fr. Dwight Longenecker for example), if Latin priests do have to fast from sex 24 hours before mass, I would assume that many (or at least the ones who must celebrate mass each day) are dispensed from it.

Yes, so do I :slight_smile:

And the western church went several hundred years without a reason to dress this. By the time it did, most priests (almost all, I believe) already had the multiple Mass dispensation, so imposing the fast which would then have to be immediately dispensed seems improbable . . .


I’m not following you. I don’t think the Latin Church would have looked at it being a fast of X hours before each mass, but rather that you could not have has sex X number of hours before mass. So multiple Masses on one day would not be an issue unless father was having sex in-between masses.

In a vacuum, yes, a number of hours for a fast.

In practice, the Eastern fast is sufficient to require multiple priests to have daily Divine Liturgy (which can’t be done in Great Lent, anyway, but that’s another issue).

With such a need for priests, I can’t see a fast that stops them from celebrating critically needed Masses.


Are you eastern orthodox? I know this rules within the fastin obligation before the holy communion there, but it´s not catholic…

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