"Marriage and Intimacy" class I'm taking

Peace be with you!

I’m taking a class this term at my university entitled “Marriage and Intimacy”. The class is basically one big promotion of gay marriage. Apparently the concept of a “traditional” family (ie, one man, one woman and their children) is a man-made invention and needs to be expanded to include “all kinds of families”. Accourding to my teacher and most of the people in the class, all change is progress.

Well, yesterday (Monday), my teacher was talking about how we live in a patriarchial society run by men that oppresses women. She said that institutions and often religions play a role in that patriarchial society. Then she mentioned that women cannot be priests in the Roman Catholic Church. At that point, my girlfriend, our friend, and I (we all have the class together) turned and looked at each other as if to say “well, it was only a matter of time!” My friend wrote a note on her notebook and passed it to me…it said, “Apparently she [the teacher] doesn’t know she has three of the biggest voices in Newman Club in her class”.

After class we went up to talk to the teacher to tell her that there is a Scriptural and theological reason behind women not being able to be ordained and has nothing to do with thinking they are somehow less than men or to oppress them. She tried to explain something like “oh, well it may not be the Church’s idea to oppress women, but that’s what ends up happening in a male-run society.” But, the good thing is that she asked me if I wanted to bring something in to share that point of view. I said “YES!” And now I’m going to be giving a talk on the Christian view of family and sharing some of John Paul’s (and Christopher West’s) Theology of the Body. And we will be having a discussion about it. Professor Rand Al’Thor’s class is now in session.

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Sweet! I will pray for you to do a good job. :cool:

That is great she’ll let you have the floor to present a Christian point of view. Many schools wouldn’t even allow that and would ridicule you for even mentioning it.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you share with them.

Woohoo! Stick up for the truth!

I am also taking a marriage class, in which the textbook IS the Theology of The Body. Your post makes me realize how fortunate I am to have a professor teaching from the Catholic point of view. I recommend you also look at the section in the Catechism about the Sacrament of Matrimony, and especially look to the articles on this page for some great info.

Hope it goes well! Remember, you might not convince the teacher, but you’ll probably get through to some students. Peace,


I would go online (at your comp lab in school if you’ve got one) and pull up JPII’s “On the Dignity of Women” or whatever its called (help me out) and print a copy for everyone if possible, or at least a really good quote from it for everyone itf it’s too long. It would take a completely closed mind to read that and not see the beautiful way that the Church views women.

I think this goes to show that Protestant or Catholic, we’re fighting the same enemy.

Here’s the encyclical Lazer was talking about:

*[size=2]BTW, it may be helpful to know that the last 3 doctors of the Church (the [/size]highest theological honor the Church can give) were all women ([/size][/font]1970 Paul VI added St. Teresa of Avila and St. Catherine of Siena. John Paul II added St. Thérèse of Lisieux in 1997)[font=Arial][size=2].

Good luck, and God Bless,

That is awesome!!! I am so glad you have this opportunity…please let them know that we women of the Catholic church do not feel oppressed at all by the fact that we can’t be priests…we have a very important role that is the counterpart to men, and we are happy about it!!!


I admire your courage. Please report back on how it goes.


You’re a brave dude.

Don’t let them slap you back down! You’re aiming your arrow directly at the heart of the demon and he’ll squeal when you hit him.

If you get blowback, that means you hit a bullseye.

If all change is progress, then the atomic bomb must be progress because it brought a change in military tactics. If change is progress, the increase in single mothers and its attendant rise in poverty is progress. Change is change, and to call it progress is a lie. Your prof’s argument is flawed from the start. Her argument does not stand a chance against the Truth you will bear against it.

WOW!! That is so awesome!! I pray God will guide you in this and that souls will be changed for the better!! God bless.


Let the atomic bomb go! It is precisely in venues like yours that this Theology of The Body will come to the world!

I’ll pray for you and your triumvirate to say what needs to be said.

God Bless! And let us know how it turns out.

in XT

I wonder what will be more frightening. When she hears your strong Catholic position, or when she realizes, by golly, it makes sense.

Is it a Catholic university?

Peace be with you!

Oh, it is certainly NOT a Catholic university! I go to Portland State University. I am actually a little doubtful that my teacher will let me speak on Monday after all. Today at the beginning of class she told the class that some students had spoken to her after the last class about her use of the Church as an example of a male hierarchy. She said “one of the students asked if he could explain why this is, blah blah blah” and then went on to say that we’re not looking at Catholic theology. We’re only looking at things from a sociological point of view. So I’m thinking she may have changed her mind.

I will ask her on Friday if I can just explain what Christianity’s view of family is and the Church’s beliefs of man and woman. Hopefully I can still do that.

Thank you for all the prayers and the links! I’ll prepare a speech even if I am not able to give one. Hopefully I can, though!

In Christ,

I hope it’s not too late to post this link:


This was the article that finally made me understand why women couldn’t be priests, because all of the “Jesus only chose men” talk wasn’t convincing enough for me. Please have a look at this, it is excellent!

Basically, the Church is the BRIDE of Christ, so a woman cannot *marry her. *Priests represent Christ who is the spouse of the Church. These and their ramifications make so much more sense to me now after reading this article.

I’ll bet she has an aversion to EPH 5:

Wives be submissive to your husbands

Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church

Let’s dig:

Wives be submissive : under the mission of the husband
The husband’s mission is to love the wife as Christ did…
She has to let him love her.
That means dying for her (metaphorically, etc). Who has the harder job here??? :slight_smile:

If anything, scripture and the Church hold men up to the responsibilities of the harder jobs. It demands more of the men…the Church recognizes that men need help in this mission, so She gives extra grace in ordaination.

Just a thought to kind of reverse the thinking

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