Marriage and the Priesthood

I have been in a sacramental marriage for 10 years now…why do I feel such a strong urge that God would be calling me to be a priest?

I know this is not possible, so it must just be my own thoughts and my own self doing the ‘calling’…

Not sure what to think about it actually…should I try and become a priest in the Eastern Rite Catholic Church, or just say nope God can’t be doing this and go on?

Any ideas?

First, you should discuss this with your priest. He will be able to work with you to find the root of this calling. It could be a calling towards something else, and you’re not getting the right message. If that makes sense.

How much thought or research have you given this, or is it more of a romantic idea?
How much do you know about the eastern rites? I ask only because it’s not like you
decide to go to seminary and that’s that. You would have to get a rite transfer, which is difficult even when you have to correct a wrong from when you were a baby (my husband had to do this), never mind “I want to be a priest, but I’m married.” as someone who is eastern rite, I find your suggestion if going that route a little disrespectful. The eastern rite isn’t the “good cop” to run to when the “bad cop” (RC church) says no. It’s not the runner up option.

Then, you have to be accepted into seminary, which would be difficult if you’re new to your rite, since you need recommendations, need to be involved with a parish, etc.

In MOST cases (I’m talking 99% here), you have to be in Europe to be ordained as a
married man, then hope you get a US assignment. Unless you go Ukranian Cathiolic, but even still, in that case there is probably a language barrier and the skepticism of the church elders.

Additionally, since you’re married, your wife needs to be on board with this. My husband is
discerning the deaconate, and wives are interviewed in the same manner as the husbands, since it’s a change in the family life.

I hope you find your calling!

I can relate to this…

If I was betting man, I would bet you are called to a Married life.

I too found the priesthood/religious life attractive so suddenly after getting married. I often asked myself the reason behind it and I realized the attraction is due to a change in me.

I was once felt I was called to a religious life but I shied away from it, because I was afraid of what being a priest or a religious entails. But now I’m seeing them with new eyes, because of the vows I made when I was married. The vows I gave to my wife was, in a way, was similar to the vows made by a religious, and promises made by a priest. This made me appreciate the religious and the priesthood, and it consoled me to no end.

I hope I made sense. :smiley:

PS: it wouldn’t hurt if you talk to your priest with this. :slight_smile:

I was not trying to be disrespectful at all. Sorry you took it that way.

You made perfect sense.

You wouldn’t be able to be an Eastern Rite Priest. Even if you weren’t trying to beat the system, which you weren’t, it wouldn’t happen, probably mostly for political reasons.

My pastor said a good nugget once, “God doesn’t call you out of a binding sacrament.” If you’re a priest, He won’t call you to marriage, even if you shouldn’t have become a priest. I’m sure priests feel the exact opposite of you at times!

I think it is possible that God can call you to two different sacramental duties however.

Because there are several married priests of which God called them to both.

I sincerely want to serve God and his Church, as a full time job, but I see no way of doing this…Of course there may be other things I could do but I am not really aware of any…

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