Marriage Anihilated in Heaven?


I’ve been hearing alot of catholics apologists and priests say that marriage is very important for bringing life into the world but is that it? Also Jesus said that their will be no marriage in heaven:confused: does this mean that a loving couple here on earth once in heaven will never feel the same emotions as they did here for eachother ??

please help just one of many of christ confused lambs thats searching for answers :smiley:


Heaven is total union with God, total Love with God. That being said it also means entering into total Perfection. Earthly love, even that between husband and wife is imperfect. Once in Heaven we participate in a greater love. Its not that you will see your husband or wife and just not love them anymore, its that you and God will be together and thats it. There is no marriage in heaven because we’re forever with the Love of our Soul’s being-God.
I know, its not always what we want to hear, we want to be with loved ones when we die- thats what we always tell me but the truth of the matter is, we won’t be and we won’t miss them either.


On the other hand, all of our relationships, be they parenet/child, friend/friend, or spousal, receive their highest fulfillment and meaning IN the World to Come.


hey watsup thanks for helping me out with this question…
i was watching this show i think it was called life on the rock and it had jason evert on it and he said that marriages here on earth will come into fulfillment in heaven? :confused:


Yep no marriage in heaven, thats why they calll it paradise! Sorry couldnt resist. Heaven is beyond our imagination, The only thing anyone knows for sure is what the bible tells us, no death, no sadness, no evil. pure 100% happiness. Hey no one has ever came back except Jesus and even he only stayed for 3 days. But heaven is what we are all hoping to get to. The end of all suffering!


In case anyone is still reading, a positive (though possibly speculative) case can be made that male-female relationships similar to marital bonds can continue between the redeemed into the next life. This may then also imply a romantic, physical or even sexual aspect in such a relationship.

Below are some websites that make this positive case (across Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant strands of Christianity). Each website does deal with the marriage pericope of Mt 22 to a lesser or greater degree -

  4. Meyendorff’s book
    Whether you find these arguments convincing is ultimately up to you.

PS. please note according to historic Christian doctrine, the next life involves the resurrection, which is physical in nature, and is not to be identified with “heaven” (where the redeemed go after death to await future physical resurrection of their bodies) - please see this link for more explanation -,8599,1710844,00.html


My understanding of the marriage thing in Heaven is, that we will know each other perfectly and will be able to love each other totally and completely with the love of God. Husbands and wives will be able to love each other in a way that couldn’t possibly here it’s just that we will love everyone there to the fullest extent possible.

It would be nice if someone with a bit more understanding about heaven and the bodily resurrection would shed some light on my foggy little understanding.

It appears to me that when we die and after being fully purified we will be united with God in the beatific vision, and able to gaze on His face. Then there is a last judgement where Jesus will bodliy raise all the dead then we… leave Heaven for a new Heaven and Earth? That almost sounds like the JW’s paradise earth. Where will God the Father be while we are in the new Heaven and Earth? In the old Heaven with the angels? Sorry it’s just a big puddle of mud in my tiny brain.


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