My sister’s first marriage was at a very young age and was annulled in the courts, but not in the church.
Her second marriage was not in the church, and that husband passed away.
Her third and fourth marriages were not in the church and she is now divorced.
She wants to get back into the graces of the church so that she can fully participate.
What does she have to do to get right with the church?
Can she petition to have her marriages annulled?
Thank you and God bless
Sharon C :slight_smile:


Unless your sister attempts marriage again, she needs only to go to confession. The Church considers her still married to her 1st husband although civilly divorced.

To attempt marriage again, she will need to have her 1st, 3rd, and 4th marriages annulled - her 2nd marriage, if valid, was dissolved when her husband died.

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