Marriage Annulment


I and my ex wife got married in a catholic church in 2003. After the marriage, things started getting messy after finding out that my ex wife hasn’t been honest with me. Before I married her, I heard that she was living a promiscuous life dating several men. When we started courting, I found out that she was seeing somebody else. She appologize for that act and she told me that she has nothing to do with him anymore. I forgived her only to found out that she is still having extra marital affair with different men despite being married. In addition, she lied about her profession. She told me that she is a school teacher with a bachelors degree. She is studying for her teaching credential only to find out that she is not a school teacher and she is not going for teaching credential what to talk of having a bachelors degree. We are currently divorced and have moved on with our life. Is this a ground for annulment.


Deception *could *be grounds for a decree of nullity, as could an intention against fidelity.

This is not something we can really say with any certainty here. This is something you need to discuss with your priest and have him guide you on making a petition if he believes you have solid grounds after a more thorough discussion of the details.


It could be grounds - the important thing to think about as well is whether or not you have witnesses. etc to what she told you before the marriage. You should speak to a priest.


yes, there are witnesses.


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