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I did not get married in the Catholic Church but from a non-denominational pastor and the ceremony was not in a church. She is non-denominational.
I want to get our marriage blessed in the Church, and it probably would not mean much to her but it does for me. She is against raising any children Catholic as she does not believe what is taught. Her sentiments are that any child adopted or otherwise we can take turns bringing them to each other’s church. I know I must do everything possible to raise them Catholic. I really want to become an active member in the Chruch such as K of C, lecturer or what ever else. Can I still do these things even if for some reason the child refuses to be raised as Catholic and my wife is not? I do pray for her every day that the Holy Spirit will show her.
All I can do in the mean time is pray, and through my actions with in the Church that she will come to a realization. I often think of my mother who prayed for my father for many years. He only went to Church with us at Christmas and Easter. After many years he started coming more and more. He eventually became very active in the Church. He helped remodel the Church Hall volunteering his time, helped remodel the Church, played the organ for years until MS made him stop and he did many other things. Who would have thought that after 14 years he would turn. He was not religious by any means for many years but did change.


Go and talk with a priest to see what you need to do to have your marriage convalidated. He will also be able to advise you on questions regarding your future children. It sounds like you and your wife need to do a lot of praying and talking to resolve the religious issues you face.


I have been talking to the priest although I have not asked him that one particular question as of yet. That is if we do get our marriage blessed can I still do these things even if the child does not want to be Catholic. The only stipulation is that you have to try everything you can to raise the child Catholic. At least that is what is said and what you sign on the disposition form.
The reason why I am going through this is because I did not have my annullment yet from a previous marriage. The reason why I am willing to go through with it is because there was a ray of hope when she told me she would still go to Church with me every now and then. She rarely goes to her own church maybe 1 or 2 times a month.


As far as I know your ability to take part in various ministries is not dependent on whether or not your child is Catholic. But I’m not an expert!

Have you received a declaration of nullity for your first marriage? That’s the first step before you can go further.

How does your wife feel about all this? It doesn’t sound like she’s very open to Catholicism.


Yes I have received my annullment. We talked before we got married outside the Church and she agreed to getting it blessed afterward. She is not open minded to raising any children as Catholic but does not object to them going to Church with me. Of course I am not open minded to them being raised non-denominational either. She does not agree with the Sacraments especially baptism. No matter what I find in the Bible that shows that the teachings of the Catholic Church are from the Bible she does not agree with it.
I do not want to get our marriage blessed until we can work this out but at this rate it seems like it never will. For the past 2 months I have felt hurt by all of this and why she can not understand and was not sure if I even wanted to continue to be with her. This past weekend, a source of inspiration came to me in which I remembered about my father and how he was and how long it took him and how my mother stuck with it. I do not know all the specifics of that but I do know she prayed a lot. I can not base everything on what she may do or may not do. I do know that if I stay, I will continue to pray for her and the Holy Spirit to open her eyes and see the Truth in which Jesus wants us to do. I do love her and through faith I hope that that things will change as in Ephesians. “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her 26to make her holy, cleansing** her by the washing with water through the word”.
Any thoughts?**

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