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Can anyone recommend a good Catholic marriage book particularly dealing with a husband who always wants to engage in a power struggle and is very self righteous but incredibly sinful. Also I could use help personally on how to live with a person like this and not incur sin, my sin being anger and expressing it destructively. BTW, I have For Better, For Ever. It hasn’t really helped. I particularly need something to help my husband how to understand what he is doing to hurt our marriage and himself and how I live with this without exploding.



Here’s another similar thread

I’m sorry he’s being a pain… and you are suffering. :frowning:

Teakafrog? You out there? Maybe you can shed some light here.


Here is a wonderful site with many resources.

I listen to their show on Ave Maria radio as often as I am able.


My gut reaction - this is bigger than a book.

Seek counseling.

The link above for exceptional marriages does remote counceling I believe. is highly reccomended.

If nothing else, find a catholic counselor in your area and go just for yourself. Ask your Priest or your Diocese for a reccomendation.


Yes we went through Retrouvaille. It is not the long term solution to our problems. We have also had counseling but anytime my husband is held accountable he quits. Counseling isn’t an option anylonger. So book recommendations would be appreciated.


Hi TonyaR

Please take a peek at the link I sent to exceptional marriages.

There are books and other resources on that topic.


Yes, thanks! I have their marriage book and listen to them. The other day I ordered the audio CD.


Wild at Heart and Captivating** by John Eldredge are really good, though not Catholic. Also the books, *For Men Only *and *For Women Only *by Feldhahn were useful too. I hope they can help.


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