Marriage ceremony on the beach?

Does canon law allow catholic marriage ceremony on the beach ?

Your Bishop is the only person who can grant permission to be married on a beach or on a train or on a farm …

Why not have your Wedding in your Church, before the Altar in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament then have a party and pictures on the beach?

The Catholic form of marriage specifies being married in the parish of either the bride or groom. For two Catholics to be married in the Catholic form somewhere other than a Catholic church you would have to petition the bishop and convince him you have a suitable reason to be married on the beach and he would have to give permission.

If the Catholic is marrying a non-Catholic Christian or a non-baptized person, the Catholic can apply for a *dispensation from Catholic form *to be married in the tradition of the other party. If the Bishop gives the dispensation from form, then the Catholic and non-Catholic could be married by someone other than a priest, and if given permission it could be on the beach.

So, while it’s not impossible because Canon Law gives the latitude for permission of the Bishop to celebrate the marriage elsewhere, under ordinary circumstances it is unlikely. Many bishops will not give permission for Catholic marriages to take place in outdoor ceremonies. A few will.

It was question from one of my CCD students. I was thinking to ask very same question. But then I hesitated …is it possible for priest to give Holy Communion on the beach ?

If the Bishop gives permission to the priest to do so. It all starts and ends with the Bishop’s permission. The Bishop has authority over the priests and the Sacraments in his diocese.

Only by the bishops permission, and most will not allow it.

Same with Holy Communion/Mass. There would not likely be a true need that I can think of for this, however if it were necessary the Bishop could permit it. Maybe after a storm a parish community might gather for Mass after their building was destroyed???

This happened for a couple weeks in Oklahoma City after the F-5 tornado went across the residential areas on May 3, 1999. So yes, it’s a rare occurrence indeed. Thank God that no buildings were completely destroyed, but the city was a wreck.

Our parish is in the Mountians and our Pastor is often asked by couples to be married in a meadow with mountians in the backgound. He always answers “Why would you want to be married in front of the Mountains when you can be married in front of Him who made them?”

Years ago, in 1971 to be exact, I was visiting Ireland in the parish where my great grandparents were married. I met the parish priest and he told me that marriages then (around 1859) normally took place in the home of the bride. Baptisms took place in the back of the church, where the baptismal font stood. There was definitely a church building then, and was erected in 1812.

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