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I am a convert of three years, my husband since this last Easter Vigil. Just yesterday we were told we cannot take communion anymore until our marriage is blessed in the Church. Neither of us our divorced or remarried, why is this a problem which keeps of from our Lords table? Cindy


The timing of your wedding is important here since you both are converts to the faith. If you married before your conversion three years ago then your marriage is most likely presumed valid and not an obstacle to receiving the Eucharist. On the other hand, if you married after your conversion but before your husband’s and did not (1) receive a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic, and (2) observe canonical form by marrying in the Church (or get a dispensation from this), then your marriage may be invalid. Similarly, if you married after you husband’s conversion but did not marry in the Church, then your marriage may be invalid. An invalid marriage is an obstacle to receiving the Eucharist unless you go to confession and live as brother & sister until your marriage is validated.

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