marriage covenant

Covenant is more than an agreement , it is superior to contract, because in covenant there is an exchange of person.

That is why is marriage covenant the gift of each spouse to the other is hi/her person, they exchange person. That is why a married person must be faithful to his spouse because himself/herself no longer belong to him or her but to his/her spouse.

The covenant God made with Israel at mount sinai is picture in a marriage covenat wherein both party must be faithful to each other.
This manifest in prophet Hosea wherein God commanded Hosea to marry a prostitute.Hosea is always faithful to his wife picture God being faithful to his covenant with israel . While the prostitute wife of Hosea unfaithful pictures the unfaithfulness of israel to the covenant with God.

Thesame is true with respect to jesus and his church. Thier relationship is picture in a marriage covenant. Paul wrote that Jesus is the groom while the church is the bridegroom and we are invited into the wedding feast.Each spouse must be faithful to the other.

God is our master and we are God’s slaves.Since no slaves is above his master it follows that if God is always faithful to his covenant we must always be faithful to our marriage covenant vovs.

Muhammad married eleven women…was muhammad faithful to his marriage covenant vovs as God was faithful? or was thier no marriage vovs in which case there is fornication.
If muhammad is really the prophet of God, God will tell him His standard .His prophet must follow his standard not the standard of his arab custom.

Wait…so youre saying that

Abraham, David, and Soloman werent prophets?

Oh ok.

Yes Muhammad kept his marriage covenant.

If you want I could find a whole lot more prophets of God who had more than one wife.


You really should have explained this stuff more sufficiently before going off about how Mohammed didn’t follow it.

In the days before Jesus, the complete meaning of marriage and the responsibilities that had come along with it had not been revealed yet. God did put up with polygamy for the time being, as those who practiced it weren’t ready to have the whole truth revealed to them. Apparently, even Muslim belief contains examples of this “stepping-stone” theology. Take a look at this post by Munawar from another thread…

I see what’s Memnoch Lover is trying to say.

BTW I’m very uncomfortable with the “stepping stone” theology as way of revealing God’s word and message. Does it need to be given one step at a time until people are ready for it? Then one has to admit that God gave false teaching before coming with the real stuff. Is this like God? What about those who followed the interim teaching?

God’s way is not made easy to follow and He doesn’t water down His principles. Paul was in fear and much trembling when preaching the crucified Christ, because it’s a scandal, even ludicrous the notion that someone who had been crucified is the saviour of the world. It was a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles.

And yet that the way it went. The cross is a stumbling block and foolishness, but it is also the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom, and the weakness of God is stronger than human strength (see 1 Cor 1:24-25).

A prophet can be understanding on people’s difficulty to follow hard teaching, but he doesn’t have to do it himself.

I’ve been watching this acquiescing to human desire concept and it has given me a lot of thinking about that being a religion of God.

This thread poses nice topic on marriage though.



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