Marriage Dispensation

I know that an Ordinary can grant his subjects dispensation from canonical form so that their marriage can be witnessed by a non-Catholic Christian minister of religion in a non-Catholic Christian religious ceremony in a non-Catholic Christian place of worship.

Can dispensation from canonical form be granted to allow a marriage to be witnessed by a non-Christian minister of religion in a non-Christian religious ceremony in a non-Christian place of worship?

Can dispensation from canonical form be granted so that a couple marry in a non-religious civil ceremony?

Yes to both.

Yes. The dispensation from form can be given when a Catholic marries a non-Catholic. It cannot be granted to two Catholics, who must marry in Catholic form.

Can. 1127 §1. The prescripts of ⇒ can. 1108 are to be observed for the form to be used in a mixed marriage.

Nevertheless, if a Catholic party contracts marriage with a non-Catholic party of an Eastern rite, the canonical form of the celebration must be observed for liceity only; for validity, however, the presence of a sacred minister is required and the other requirements of law are to be observed.

§2. If grave difficulties hinder the observance of canonical form, the local ordinary of the Catholic party has the right of dispensing from the form in individual cases, after having consulted the ordinary of the place in which the marriage is celebrated and with some public form of celebration for validity. It is for the conference of bishops to establish norms by which the aforementioned dispensation is to be granted in a uniform manner

For two Catholics, a dispensation from form is possible, but it must be granted by the Pope.

Can you provide the relevant canon?

From New Commentary on the Code of Canon Law, by John P. Beal, et al., page 1350:

Outside of situations of danger of death (c. 1079), the competence to dispense from the observance of canonical form for the marriage of two Catholics remains reserved to the Apostolic See.[309] There seems to be an openness on the part of the Holy See to grant these dispensations on behalf of recent converts to the Catholic Church when insistence on observance of canonical form would alienate them from their families and perhaps weaken their own commitment to the Church.[310]

[309] CodCom, reply, July 5, 1985, AAS 77 (1985) 771.
[310] SCSacr, reply, June 6, 1973, CLD 8, 818-820.

Thanks for the commentary passage.

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