Marriage Encounter weekend


Our bulletin announced two Marriage Encounter weekends near enough for my husband and I to go to, and I was surprised when he mentioned that he'd like to go. We would love to do it, but I'd like some more information.

What should we expect?

The Jacksonville chapter is sponsoring these two weekends; has anyone ever attended one sponsored by that chapter?



Just DO IT. He said he want to, so what is there to question? You will learn something of worth, and if not, you are letting him make the decision. Really what are you asking about?

TRUST and go in blind because that is probably how he will approach it.



Sorry I wasn’t clear. I didn’t mean to ask whether or not we should go, we will if we can afford the hotel and find someone to keep our son. I was just looking for more info. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links 1ke.

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