Marriage Equality Is Not Coming to Australia Anytime Soon


Australia’s opposition Labor Party has voted to block a government-backed referendum on same-sex marriage.

The move means it will remain one of the last countries in the Western world to grant gay and lesbian couples the right to wed.



There is no need for them to follow the northern hemisphere’s alternate-sexual lunacy.




At least there’s one country left in the world that has some sort of grasp on reality.


Australia, you have dodged a bullet.


Very sad news. Allowing these ordinary couples, many with children, the legal and societal benefits of marriage has proven to only do good and directly harm absolutely no one.

Obergefell was hyperboled into madness, with claims of religious persecution becoming the norm. Yet here we are well over a year later, and life has returned to normal.


Yes, because as everyone knows, impacts manifest within a twelve month period.

Regardless, right is right and wrong is wrong. I wouldn’t presume to insult the Almighty by showing him metrics on why He is weong.



The shortsightedness of these progressive types never ceases to amaze me. They declare things a success after barely any time at all, and continuously ignore the long-term effects of their progressive ideology on society as a whole.


This is indeed wonderful news for Australia!

The gay lobby, their leftist sympathisers and the media have been agitating for SSM for years, with ugly demonisation and actual repression of opponents, especially Christians. It was looking like they’d have their way.

Now, almost suddenly, it is over!

We wake up this morning with the campaign effectively withdrawn. Just why it was withdrawn is complex and reeks of dissimulation, and it certainly won’t be long term - but the immediate future is safe.

I am still reeling from the relief!

The future for our country looks a lot better than it did yesterday morning, or it has for some time.

Deo Gratias!


(and, thankyou, overseas friends, for your interest!)


I would like to think this is true - and maybe it is.

This has come about because the proponents of SSM have decided to use their senate majority to oppose a plebiscite (not referendum) on SSM, which was to be held in February 2017. The media and SSM proponents keep telling us that most Australians want SSM and that the plebiscite would have passed easily (as per the Irish referendum). They claim to have opposed the plebiscite on grounds which are highly dubious, and the suspicion is that the real reason is that their private polling said it would fail.

Which leaves us:

*]Most of the “elites” are in favour of SSM
*]The press, private and government funded, is in favour of SSM
*]The major opposition parties are in favour of SSM
*]It is alleged that only the extreme right wing of the government is against SSM
*]Australians are, allegedly, in favour of SSM

But, would Australians have actually voted for SSM in February 2017? We’ll never know, and we can rightly suspect they would not have, and this is the real reason the plebiscite will be dumped by the senate.

Australians are not, on the whole, strongly religious or Christian, but perhaps, as you say, there is some “grasp on reality”. Perhaps our well known aversion to authority includes an instinctive aversion to the progressive agenda and their totalitarian ways.


Now is the time for action! Go go go go go go go go go! Hold on to the lead!


I am glad to hear the news. In the North, words have been distorted and actions after the fact were like, "Well, what were you expecting?

A few examples:

When same-sex marriage was legalized in the US, the family was redefined. The equation is simple:

One man + one woman does not equal
One man + one man
One woman + one woman or, a recent development:
Two women + one man

Marriage is not a multiple choice situation and one man and one woman are needed for the next generation.

Now kids in public schools are being exposed to story books showing two moms and two dads, and a prince falling in love with a prince. The latter refers to a book called King and King which began to appear in schools through unknown means.

I want to like everyone. Honestly. I don’t fret about bumping into an LGBT person. If I was in a mall and saw 100 people, I couldn’t tell if any of them were LGBT. And I’ve met LGBT people in the past. This recent attempt to create something they call marriage is not good for young or old.



So what happens is an author and illustrator write and illustrate a children’s book. They shop this around to publishers until they get an offer. The publisher then goes through an edit process with the authors and then does a final design and then contracts with a printer to produce the actual books.

The publisher markets the book. They send review copies out to commercial and trade publications and add the books to their catalogs which get sent out to booksellers, libraries, and schools. These organizations choose whether or not to order the books, usually from book distributing companies.

King and King went through this process, just as all books do. It appeared in schools because the school systems purchased the book.


I work in the book publishing business. Here’s what I’m talking about:

Kids in Kindergarten do not have the mental or emotional maturity to deal with this sort of subject. One school spokesman said, “This is not a parental notification issue.”

It sure is. It is wrong to indoctrinate kids. Parents have the right to protect, nurture and educate their children as they see fit. This is totally wrong. Parental rights trump all other rights. This is 100% wrong.

Schools have been turned into pro-gay indoctrination camps.




That’s just hilarious

  1. When judges decide to allow same-sex marriage you are not happy and say that it should have been decided via referendum

and yet

  1. When people are denied referendum you say “Bravo”.

Duplicity much?


Read the article again. Labor is not against SSM, they are against a referendum. They want SSM passed by an Act of Parliament.


I caught that after the fact. That makes more sense for them, frankly.


Then look elswhere. It’s been well over a decade in some places. The sky hasn’t fallen.

What exactly is it anyone thinks is going to happen exactly? It’s legal. The gays can marry. Live your life. They certainly are. :shrug:


True, that attitude did bring down slavery in the US. Good point.


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