Marriage Has Been Redefined: Now What?

I’ve been wondering how Catholics would react if/when SSM was mandated. Now that this is no longer a hypothetical perhaps it is time to concentrate on that question.

Priests are not “mandated” to even marry heterosexual couples. Priests may (and do) refuse to witness a wedding if he doesn’t feel it’s in the couple’s interest.

Just because someone has a right to something doesn’t mean the Church must provide it.

So I think the idea of a priest being “mandated” to witness a SSC “wedding” is silly.

But, if it happened, priests would simply go to jail, as they do every day in countries where the Church is persecuted. It’s no mystery.

What’s next?

Law suits from same sex couples who want to be married in the Church.

The tax-exempt status of the Church will be revoked.

Polygamy will be recognized as well for how can you allow SSM but deny it to three or more people?

What’s going to happen to Catholic caterers, wedding photographers, bridal shop owners, bakers, etc. who refuse to do business with gay weddings? Will there be a conscience exemption, or will they be forced to comply?

Recreational marijuana becomes legal in my state on July 1.

But my Parish won’t be giving it out.

Just because something is legal doesn’t mean the Church must provide it.

The Catholic Church will never witness a gay “marriage.”

Advocates of SSM are absolutely convinced that homosexual marriage is the same as interracial marriage and that opposition is simiarly equivalent.

So how do you think the Church will fare in a society that equates the two?

SSM has been legal in my state (and in Washington state, just across the river) for several years.

The Church here is doing just fine.

Of course there will be lawsuits and terrible consequences of this misguided decision. I always thought though, that to marry in the church, at least one of the parties had to be a catholic in good standing. that is not possible in a ssm.
The very idea that we would be forced to perform such a thing in regard to our faith, rules, and beliefs is lubricous.
Lastly, why would anyone want to force someone to perform this ceremony if they were so not wanted? Why would anyone want to be someplace and do something that is at the least distasteful to the group they are imposing themselves on. Just go wherever you are welcome and celebrated and leave the rest of us at peace.

People, you all say that the Church will not be affected by this.

Well think again.

I admire your optimism, but you all must realize this is the latest in a long line of planned legislation and or court rulings aimed at persecuting the Church.

This is a BIG deal.

And even if they do NOT force the Church to do this, it will STILL have the same effects on America that Roe v Wade had, and IS having.

I’m sure Cannon lawyers are already working on this.

Today’s decision was an inevitable symptom of the larger illness of our society’s rejection of truth. The potential consequences of THAT for our Church should not be underestimated. But I can’t really act surprised that a court which came up with this modernist gem and thesis statement of progressivism:

At the heart of liberty is the right to define one’s own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life.

…in a case pertaining to the value of unborn life, would commit a similar assault on truth in a case pertaining to the nature of marriage.

The Church will simply get out of the legal marriage business.
in other words, they will no longer apply for the right (license) to preside over a state marriage.
The priests in Mexico do not do this. Which is why so many immigrants have never married in the Church. The only way they can marry in Mexico is by the Government. Priests and ministers do not have faculties to do so. Many people just never get around to a Catholic wedding.
That will happen here.
Those who want a Catholic marriage will marry civilly, and immediately proceed to have a Catholic wedding ceremony as well.

Maybe everyone should just try to stay calm and stop panicking.

Just because two people of the same sex will be able to get married in 50 states tomorrow instead of the 36 it was yesterday, it doesn’t mean:

They are trying to persecute the church
There will be polygamy
People will want to marry their dogs
The Catholic church will be pressured to change their doctrine
The end of the world is near

Canada has had legal same-sex marriage for a decade now, and they are all doing very fine and happy and healthy over there–better than the US, in fact, when it comes to taking care of their fellow people and living loving, peaceful lives.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, take out your rosary, and have some trust in humankind and the goodness of people.


Can and should the Supreme Court Catholic justices be excommunicated or denied communion?

This is exactly what will happen,

The exact same thing happened when the district of Columbia mandated that the Catholic Church facilitate adoption for same sex couples. The Church simply got out of the adoption business altogether.

Sad, but that’s what will happen.


Dissent from the magesterium of the supreme court is not panic.

The future holds many things most we do not know. You are entitled to what you belive though.

Uh, is it not true that Canadian Priests and Pastors have had hate speach charges leveled against them for preaching the biblical truths against homosexual actions?

Lots of thoughts swirling. But best advice is… “be not afraid.” He’s holding all of us in the palms of his hands…

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*Marriage Has Been Redefined: Now What?

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