Marriage headed for disaster


What should I advise a teenage father do if they find out
their new wife, against the father’s will, aborted the
child they concieved together, and she tells
the father she aborted another of their children
previously behind the father’s back because she knew
the father would say and wished to avoid an argument?
I was
taught in class that if a spouse comits adultury the
offended spouse has a right under canon law to
temporary seperation from bed and board ( you can
seperate temporarily as a disciplinary sanction) What
does someone do with a wife who murders her children
and says the father has nothing to say about it?


May I ask what your relationship to them, is?


why is that important, if they asked for my advice I should give it


I’m confused…I didn’t know they asked you for advice. So you’re giving the advice to both of them…where they should go from there in their marriage, knowing all this? Sorry…just trying to understand.


the father is the one that needs the advice, the mother obviously doesn’t care


the teenage father needs to speak to his priest because this is a pastoral issue, nobody else can give him guidance as to the status of his marriage and address issues raised by OP as regards his marriage, his culpability in wife’s actions, and his personal decisions.


At the same time, be careful about which priest he goes to. One never knows anymore. :rolleyes:


I hate to say this, but the situation that you described brings up so many issues it is hard to even know where to start. As a married couple why is the communication such that they cannot talk about these issues themselves? Is it due to the fact that they are in a “teenage marriage” and do not fully understand the vows that they have taken?

They both need to get some help right away, or you are correct to say that the marriage may be headed for disaster. If there is no communication and no trust, what is the marriage built on?

This does not sound like a marriage to me. They are not open to children. The wife is making decisions for the both of them. Why would the husband start an arguement if she was pregnant.

If you are asking if he can leave her, seperate her, etc, then the answer is yes he can. If they divorce, I can see a strong case for an annulment due to the fact that part of the wedding vows state “Are you willing to accept children lovingly from God?” and if they say ‘we are’ well this shows that they are not.

Just my :twocents:


The husband was deceived in this marriage. Sounds like grounds for an annullment and/or divorce unless the husband can forgive his wife and they can repair their marriage somehow.


You’re asking advice to give to the husband, no? I think that would be your personal opinion. But, since you are asking… I would advise them to see a marriage counsler. Sounds as though they have MAJOR communication problems.



What a horrible situation… I will keep them in my prayers.

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