Marriage in heaven

My mormon friend is asking me questions about my Catholic faith. She asked me if we believe that we are still married in heaven. Any insights?

I’m going to defer to Jesus on this issue…

[quote=Matthew 22:29-30]Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.

Marriage is a directional sign that is supposed to image Gods life in this world and helps point the two spouses toward heaven. It’s a sign…it’s not the destination. The destination is heaven where we ALL participate in the marriage supper of the lamb! Which is why our marriages on earth dissolve at death (“till death do you part”)…they are only a foretaste/a forshadowing of what’s to come.

And yet marriage is inferior to celibacy

Says who? Certainly not thje Catholic Church. The celibacy of Priests is a matter of Church discipline and not dogma.

Which on the face of it, to me personally, feels very sad.

No reason to feel sad. We will have an even more intimate relationship with our loved ones in heaven then we could possibly imagine here on earth.

Marriage is the shadow of what to come(The physical interpretation of Marriage in Heaven) while Celibacy is what is already in Heaven


The challenge that the Mormon idea of “eternal marriage” is that , for them, that is the ideal of Heaven. The whole idea of “eternal families”

Families are eternal. You dont need to be “sealed” to another person to be a “family forever”. Why?

Because God is Love. Love is already eternal. Our family relationships dont dissolve simply because of death.

Mary is still Our Lord’s Mother. That relationship didnt end upon His death, or hers. St Joseph is still as much Our Lord’s foster father as even. He didnt get tossed aside upon his death.

Our parents are still our parents. Is some angel gonna be standing guard and gonna be telling me that my mother is no longer my mother??? Come on, common sense please.
What makes my mother my mother? Love.
What makes my family members my family members? Love. No some words attributed to some assumed authority. (ie LDS priesthood)

I honestly believe that for many LDS what the whole idea of “eternal marriage” is really asking is, IS THERE SEX IN HEAVEN??

It’s not like a couple are going to stop loving one another upon the separation of death. Love is eternal.

So to your friend who asks about marriage in heaven. Ask her does she believe love dies at death? Does she believe there are angels keeping family members apart going “nope, sorry, that man is no longer your son, that woman is no longer your mother. Because you have died”

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Actually, the church most certainly DOES say it is objectively superior.

As earthly marriage is a fortaste of heaven, pointing those to get there, consecrated celibates have already accepted the “heavenly” state.

Subjectively though, the better vocation for each of us is the one we are called to.

Heaven to mormons is getting a planet, a wife(s) and many children in the afterlife. Of course they must be “sealed” to each other first :shrug:

We are sealed to Christ. Eph 1:13 If your spouse is sealed to Jesus Christ, as well as yourself, then there is no purpose to being sealed to each other, as Mormons believe. All of the Sacraments prefigure heaven, and are fulfilled in Jesus Christ. They are not fulfilled in our spouse, or by a sealing to them. It is an innovation of Mormonism, nothing more.

Jesus Christ is our destiny. Heaven is where we are made one with God, and through Him are made one with each other. Mormons believe that a marriage ending at death means something terrible and cataclysmic. This denies John, who wrote, “God is love”, therefore, this denies God’s love. If you think heaven is a place of unhappiness and misery, you need to spend some time in prayer and scripture.


Marriage is more than a sign. It also ends upon physical death.

Being “an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.”

If it was just a sign, it would not be a sacrament, as it wouldn’t meet the criteria to “give grace”.

That grace is linked to marriage fortifies the life-long sacrament. It’s something you ‘enter into’, not a one day party…Or it would be called the Sacrament of Wedding.

The graces flow throughout the life of the Marriage. This is why the man made object of ‘divorce’ cannot break apart a marriage which is divinely blessed with Graces.

Not only does the Church say that it is objectively superior, but it has been dogmatically defined as such and to oppose this is heresy.

Let us remember…that celebacy would be nothing without us who are married… because if it didn’t have marriage to show the meaning of why people become celebate, living the life of celebacy would not even be understandable. We need both signs - ways of life.

If you read TOB, under historical man, you will find the the original call to communion-- the most important one, is in original solitude. THEN, the revealing of the call to communion through woman and man.

The fact that we need both signs, I acknowledged in my last sentence.

but celibacy–solitude in communion with God, most definitely means something “without us who are married”

It is the very beauty of marriage that gives such meaning to instead giving one’s life completley to God and the work of his Church. If marraige didn’t mean so much, neither would celibacy.

I totally understand that marriage is “death do us part.” Maybe it is just because I am a newlywed and he is gone right now for several months, but (I’m not sure how we meet in heaven) if I died and many years later DH makes it to heaven with his “new” wife, my feelings may be hurt. It is just kind of sad to think about.

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