Marriage in the age of economic instability

Even before I joined the Church, I felt called to a life of marriage and fatherhood. But I’m deeply worried about the trajectory the world economy is on. In fact I think we’re no more than a few years away from a devastating economic catastrophe – tremendous levels of unemployment, poverty, homelessness, etc. I deeply worry about my ability to provide for my future family (if indeed I’m meant to have one) and I wonder if it’s right to start one with the conviction that I may be unable to provide for it.

Is it possible to be called to a vocation there’s no way to carry out optimally? Should I trust in God to provide and pursue what I’m (pretty) sure is my vocation? Or should I hold off, wait and see, and consider other vocations?

Trust in God.

I spent my days in terror of Peak Oil and the inevitable collapse of our civilization. When I found my way back to the Church, all those fears disappeared. God feeds the birds, they don’t work for a living. He clothes the lilies of the field. They don’t hit the bricks every morning, either. TRUST GOD. The people who love you would not see you hurt in any way. God loves you infinitely more than they do.

If you can find a woman who agrees to fill the family cup first and the materialism cup second, you’ll be fine. It’s too bad the leftist media is dragging society down with messages of purchased pleasure rather than deep, true love. They won’t change, though, because true love doesn’t fit the Agenda. I know of some ladies whose hearts are in the right place, so they’re out there. I think more women worry about finding a guy whose is.

There was WW I. Then the Great Depression. Then WW II. The Korean War. Vietnam. Communism. Cold War. Fear of Nuclear Annihilation. The Energy Crisis of the 1970s. 9-11. The Middle East Fears of terror have always been there. The current war. Terrorism, local and foreign.

We are still here.

Most women today work and support themselves. You are pooling resources. Second. If you really love someone you have to decide what you want…to live in fear or to live in love. With one there will be no happiness. With the other happiness will get you through the rough stuff.

If you are called to be married and God choose a wife for you then do what you must.Trust God.If you really are concerned about the future and you think you can live without being married then stay single.Trust God.If you are truly called to a vocation go through with it no matter what.Let God help you.

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