Marriage: Is It Important Or Is It Not?

It seems like before the big push for gay “marriage”, the common line of thinking was that people didn’t need a piece of paper or a blessing in order for their marriages to be valid.

Nowadays, with the gay agenda and all their efforts, that way of thinking is receding and now marriage is being seen as important, at least by those who support gay “marriage.”

Supporters of this gay agenda claim that gay marriage in no way affects nor harms traditional marriage, which is contrary to reality and the facts. My reply to this has been that it doesn’t affect those who don’t know the importance of marriage to begin with, so naturally they would have a hard time understanding why this negatively impacts traditional marriage.

Furthermore, I want to address a few concerns with someone who’s asked repeatedly for my proof of their statements and I didn’t care to derail the other thread so I started one of my own.

Well it looks like it’s your lucky day, atheistgirl. I found the thread and your quotes that you’ve been asking for all this time.

Ring a bell? :wink:

You’ve repeated yourself in this thread several times about your belief that marriage doesn’t require State or Church involvement in order for it to be valid. However, you don’t believe that this kind of “marriage” without State or Church involvement is valid when it comes to gays being able to marry. Double think?

So my statement still stands:

You don’t think gay “marriage” has any negative affect on marriage because you don’t care about marriage, or at least see its importance, to begin with.

Can you tell me how gay marriage harms others? I don’t know how it does that yet.


People get sued for simply disagreeing

It distorts the minds of children who they adopt, blurring the lines between males and females

It distorts the mind of children, taking away from the importance of being raised by a mother and a father


Desensitizes society

Destroys the fundamental building block of society

But this isnt that kind of thread. I was responding to the poster quoted above and I didnt want to go off topic in another thread.

OK, sorry.

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