Marriage is like climbing a mountain


Marriage is like climbing a mountain, if we give up before we reach the top we will never know the joy and happiness of that achievement. God bless.

We walked this path together.

We walked this path together, beneath God’s clear blue sky.
We held each other close, as we ascended life’s mountain high.

At times the world seemed so dark, as if covered by the night,
but we calmed our fear, for God was here, our Faith our guiding light.

We walked this path together, through storms and troubled days;
but through it all, we stayed the course, and followed His guiding ways.

With no more fears or sadness, all troubles laid to rest,
commitment for the future is now our goal and quest.

We climbed that mount together; on it’s summit now we stand,
and greet the morning sun, our victory now at hand.

And though our years be many, and our days be numbered few,
as on the day I married you, our love today is true.

And when someday, in the fullness of God’s time,
He calls us home to be with Him, I know just what I’ll do!
I will make my forever, an eternity of loving you!





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