Marriage/mass, communion question

a dear friend of mine just got engaged to a wonderful practicing Roman Catholic man. They have been dating for about 2 years. (The reason so long is my friends fiance is a pretty devot RC and she is Eastern Orthodox) . She had decided to convert to become Catholic. she will be speaking to her fiances Priest about this soon. But I was wondering this…If they get married before she formally converts (does the profession of faith). If they did a full mass wedding (which her fiance really wants) would she be allowed to recieve communion since the Catechism does state Orthodox may recieve Catholic communion if they ask and also since she plans on formally converting?
Just wondering?

She should wait until after she has been confirmed Roman Catholic.

I don’t understand why there would be an issue. As a member of an Orthodox Church all she has to do is make a profession of faith, which she can do at any time. So why would she not be Catholic before her wedding?

If she has not made a profession of faith, she *may *still be able to receive the Eucharist-- since it is allowed for in canon law. This would be something that she would have to discuss with the priest beforehand and receive a ruling on the matter.

But again, I don’t see why there would be any delay in making the profession of faith and coming into full communion. She would be received into the Eastern Rite Catholic Church to which her Orthodox Church corresponds. She should talk to a knowledgeable Easter Rite priest in her diocese. If she wants to come into the Latin Rite there is a bit more to it. But, again, she needs to go see the priest.

Nothing in the Catholic Church prevents her for receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church especially at her wedding Mass. The fact that the Marriage takes place gives her the opportunity to formally convert from Orthodoxy to Catholicism.

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