Marriage of a Divorced Catholic


My mother-in-law was abused throughout her marriage and when she could take it no longer- told her husband to leave. After much prompting from her family she divorced him. After awhile she met someone from her past - and eventually married him before her first husband died. She now realizes this was wrong and so does her family. This second husband has also died and I would like her to reconcile with God before she dies. She’s Catholic and has never taken the Eucharist while married the second time and this hurts her terribly. What can she do??? What should she do?? How can I help her??


Your Mother-in-Law’s first marriage ended when her first husband died and her second marriage was never valid. She needs to go to confession and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. She will then be free to receive the Eucharist and possibly even to marry again if she so desires.

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