Marriage of Jesus

A woman who comes to our Catholic parish said Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. I did not have the information to dispute this idea. What can I tell her if she brings this up again. Thank you. Marianne

Ask her to show you her proof. The scriptures don’t mention it and none of the church fathers attested to it. Sounds to me like the “Gospel according to Dan Brown”.

just tell her there is no evidence = 0 that this was true-undoubtedly she will refer to some segment of a Gnostic Gospel that refers to the word “wife”-just nothing there

tell her the DaVinci code was a work of fiction

Tell her that that comes from Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” which is a work of fiction. Even Dan Brown is honest about it being a work of fiction.

In what capacity does this woman come to your parish? As a visitor? As a speaker? Frequently? Only once?

And in what context did she bring this up? A random conversation? A bible study? RCIA? I find it difficult to fathom how this comes up in normal conversation.

And what type of relationship do you have with her? One in which you could sit down and discuss these things? Only as a member of a crowd without personal interaction? etc?

Sometimes it is important to challenge such silly statements, other times it is best to just let them pass.

Besides the fact that there are zero historical references to this, I would point out to her that the New Testament writers constantly use the image of the bride of Christ to refer to the Church.

This image would make no sense if there was a literal Mrs. Jesus walking around.

This is an old legend that goes back to the Knights Templar.

Supposedly the Knights held a “great secret” that was lost with the death of the last Templar. The secret was never revealed but is was rumored that the Templars “knew” that Jesus really did not die on the cross. He was saved by the apostles, hidden and nursed back to health by Mary Magdalene, who He later married, had children and lived happily ever after. The Knight’s “great secret” was that they supposedly maintained lineage of the direct descendents of Jesus.

Back in the early 1960’s a wacko historian claimed to have discovered the Knight’s “secret” and was able to trace a direct descendent of Jesus Christ to a prominent French family living in Paris. I believe the family sued the historian for fraud and invasion of privacy.

These stories, like “pope Joan” can be fun and amusing…but some people take them serious.

Ask her for the scripture reference.
Or the Church teaching.

Or say you think it’s true and they’re still living in Area 51 with alien children.

It’s not an “old” legend. It’s a new legend pretending to be old.

The New Testament contains no explicit answer to the question of Jesus’ marital state. It never mentions his wife, nor that he was unmarried. In fact, whenever the New Testament gospels refer to Jesus’ natural relatives, they speak only of his father, mother, and siblings, but never of a wife.


This article uses biblical and historical evidence to support the Church’s belief that Jesus was not married:

Actually, since she is making the assertion, it is on her to give proof of her contention. I would not waste one second on this until she comes forward with some verifiable, prime source information backing up that assertion.

Then there is also this excellent and in depth article from CA on this myth. Cracking The Da Vinci Code

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