Marriage Outside Mass

So, I’ve beep poking around the internet a lot lately looking at the pre Vatican II forms of the sacramanets, and when coming across the pre Vat rite for marriage outside mass at the fisheaters website, I was stuck by how short it seems to be. The N.O. marriage rite has an introduction, readings, and homily - making it resemble a Mass more, while this older ceremony doesn’t have readings and whatnot. Is this account of the rite of marriage outside mass completely accurate, or does the rite still have readings and more to it than what is posted at fisheaters? If it is accurate, it would seem to be a rare case where the older form is shorter text-wise than the new form.

Also, parts of it seem to be rendered solely in vernacular - is this also the standard practice for the 1962 marriage rite?

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It is my understanding that only the extraordinary MASS from the 1962 missal is free…other ceremonies are not “free”…please correct me if I am wrong

No, you are incorrect :slight_smile:

All Sacramental rites as per 1962 are free.

I’m sorry if I miscommunicated, but I wasn’t asking if the rite was free to be used. I was wondering if the text presented at fisheaters was accurate for the 1962 Rite of Marriage (performed without a nuptual mass), or if the old rite also had readings and a homily, like the current rite of marriage outside mass does.

Well, without doing any research I would say my gut tells me there wouldn’t be readings and such, just the celebration of the sacrament proper. The reason I say this is that I know the Book of Blessings that came out of the liturgical reforms turned everything into a big service with readings and whatnot. So whereas before if you wanted your rosary blessed you walked in, Father pronounced the Latin blessing, and you moved on, the new rites technically have a series of readings and versicles and responses that are supposed to precede the blessing but may be omitted. I suspect our marriage outside of Mass could have undergone the same enlargement.

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