Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part I of III)


I thought I'd post a reflection about marriage -- hopefully to help readers to better appreciate and be in greater awe of the gift of the Sacrament of Matrimony.

Marriage, Prayer and the Cross (Part I of III)
Anthony Lilles
... The presence of evil, even when it is in our own households threatening our most important commitments, is not what ultimately defines our life. The most defining reality of this earthly existence, no matter our hardships or failures, is God’s love.

... Marriage is one of His greatest works – a work in which He has completely implicated Himself, an institution in which He completely believes even when everyone else has lost faith in it. It is a sacrament – a visible sign of His power at work in the world. It reveals, through living signs, the fruitfulness and fidelity of Christ’s love for the Church. Those who do not give up on what God can do in marriage are living signs of hope. By humble faith in the midst of difficult struggle, they become signs of God’s presence not only for each other, but also for their children and the whole community. This is so even when, despite every effort of devotion to God and one another, friendship becomes seemingly impossible. God loves to astonish us with the perfection of His power in our failures and inadequacy.


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