Marriage prep question

If you have no respect for the Church’s authority to teach, why do you want that same authority to witness your marriage?

I don’t understand how you and your fiancee could allegedly have master’s degrees in theology and yet still want to be married in a church that you don’t believe teaches the Truth.

If I was in a church that I didn’t think taught the Truth, I would leave. Immediately. (Actually, I was, and I did.)

The marriage prep coordinators can actually make a recommendation to your priest that you two not be married, but it sounds like your priest is too weak to stand up for the Faith even if they did make that recommendation. A shame, really.

With all due respect, just because you have a Masters in theology, that does not necessarily give you the right to dissent and then expect the Church to conform to you. It does not work that way.

During the marriage rite, the priest will ask you, as part of the consent, this question:

will you accept chlildren lovingly from God and agree to raise them according to the laws of Christ and his Church?

Bear in mind that you will be making this ascent not only before the priest and the Church, but, before God himself. This means that as a married couple, you need to be open to the new life that will come forth from your union. Now, there is NFP, but, as a Catholic, you cannot use contraception. It is against the teachings of the Church.

If you are already thinking along those lines, and I do not want to sound judgmental, then, there are some very serious concerns here. You cannoth have it both ways.

I don’t know how many ways I can say this - so perhaps this will be more successful. The priest is happy marrying us. Thank you for your answers to the question. Any further concerns about our wedding will be discussed between ourselves and the priest.

Probably for the same reason you even thought to come to this forum in the first place? :thumbsup:

The priest who is “happy” marrying you is a disgrace to Catholicism and the sacrament of marriage. He should not be marrying two people in the Church who have the utmost disrespect for the Church’s teaching authority.

Well, just to give you guys and update - we had our latest marriage prep session today and all is well with the couple too. They accepted where we were at and we moved on.

this has nothing to do with being excommunicated, which anyone with a degree in theology should know, but with whether or not the priest and those charged with responsibility for preparing you for marriage can assure that in your case the conditions for a valid marriage are present. Disagreement to the point of casting doubt on your intention to contract a valid marriage is indeed a reason for the sponsor couple or whoever to communicate their concerns to the pastor.

which is what the original responders to your question advised, so I don’t know what the attitude is about

My original concern was about the marriage prep couple. However, the original responders reported that the priest has the final say. That I thanked them for. I apologise if that seemed like having an attitude - it was not intended to. I refused to get involved in a discussion about my beliefs because it was not pertinent to the question. Again, if that gives the impression of an attitude, I am deeply sorry. I do appreciate that you are not trying to get into that discussion, thankyou. The final post was intended as an update, closure if you will, out of respect to those who had replied. Again, if that appeared to show an attitude, I apologise sincerely.

Your responses just make it sound like you want to do your thing because it’s what you want, without regard to if it’s what God wants for you.

I agree with this post.

OP, from reading through this thread, it sounds to me like you and your beloved both hear what you want to hear.

At least you’ve found each other, and I think you’ll both traipse through life ignoring anything that doesn’t agree with your view of the universe. At least you’re polite about it.

Wouldn’t you rather bring yourselves into agreement with Truth, however unpleasant and uncomfortable Truth is, rather than ignoring reality and accepting a “truth” of your own making? What you’re doing is creating a fantasy life rather than living life in reality. That’s kind of sad, IMO. You’ll think you’re very happy, but living outside of Truth is not happiness.

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