Marriage Preparation book recommendations for non-Catholics wanted


Does anyone have any recommendations for marriage prep materials I could give my non-Catholic brother?

I’m a convert to the Faith, and my nominally-Christian brother is getting married this summer. I know it’s getting late, but I want to give them something to help them prepare for marriage. I searched on Amazon and found a couple of promising workbook-type books for Christians for marriage preparation, but I’m not familiar with any of them.

I’m looking for something that’s going to challenge them to think about some important issues that they may not have considered, be reasonably strong in the area of sexual morality (I understand that finding a book that’s not specifically Catholic that’s against birth control might be difficult), and that’s accessible enough for someone who’s only motivated by affection for his sister to read. I don’t think my brother thinks much about God, but he might read something I give him.

My husband and I used to lead marriage prep classes, so I’m familiar with the standard Catholic resources. I’m considering sending Christopher West’s Good News About Sex and Marriage, but I don’t want them to look at it, think “Catholic! Doesn’t apply here” and toss it aside.

Thanks for any ideas you might have.


"Before You Say I Do" by H Norman Wright

This is the one my husband and I used :D

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