Marriage problems. possible mature content

My wife called a divorce lawyer and told them she doesnt think marriage can be saved. whatever flaws i have, i am her primary caregiver. i hate to have to say it, but oh well.

Prayers offered for you and your family.
May God bless and guide you in accordance with His most holy will.

maybe i should just let her go, though I’ll still be financially, if not physically, responsible for her medical and physical care, at least partially.

Mike is she proposing divorcing you and still having you physically care for her? Do you mean she is physically disabled and needs a carer?

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She told me she was "just getting some information "

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Have you attended a Retrouvaille Retreat?


Do you physically care for her, as in she requires a personal carer?

No we haven’t attended retrouvaille. Yes I do physically care for her.

I’d advise making reservations for the next Retrouvaille weekend!

And all you can say is “oh well”? :confused:

what would you like me to say? I pray and talk to my wife.

Jeez Mike, I’ve never seen a husband come to a forum in such a situation and just say “oh well”.

Normally there’s tons of information the husband wants to share in an attempt to save his marriage.

Not caring at all and being being on a forum is a head scratcher for me. Just saying.


There is much information, most of which is highly personal. Among other things, I’m struggling with caregiver burnout and financial stress, not to mention my son having lost his way.

if anyone has specific questions please pm me.

I understand.

If at some point you decide you want to save your marriage you will need to share info.

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Being a caregiver is difficult, are you part of a support group (these exist online for caregivers who cannot make real life meetings). Your wife’s medical team will have a social worker who can also help. Talk to your doctor about any depression.


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