Marriage question

I am newly engaged and my fiance and I have been discussing our wedding. She is non-Catholic (though she is heavily considering joining the church) she regularly attends Mass with me.

Considering our circumstances we could probably secure a dispensation from Canonical forum for our marriage but we both are seeking to keep it Catholic. The biggest issue is she and her family have a life long friend who is a Baptist minister (retired) who they want to do the wedding. I have heard that you can have non-Catholic clergy co-officiate the wedding. (We will not be celebrating Mass during it)

So my question is, without seeking a dispensation from Canonical forum, at a Catholic wedding what parts can the non-Catholic co-officiate perform, and what parts must the Priest perform?

Thank you

A non-Catholic minister cannot officiate, “co-officiate”, or perform ANY part of a Catholic marriage. You have been misinformed.

since you will already be asking for a dispensation to marry a non-Catholic I don’t quite understand the reluctance to ask permission for your friend to officiate.

Non Catholic clergy can do what any layperson can do at a wedding- readings , sing etc. Some dioceses will allow a blessing to be said. Ask your priest.

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