marriage question

Will the church not marry 2 people of 1 is unable to have children? Just curious.

Somebody will post with an authoritative answer. In the meantime, I think the requirement is to be OPEN to children. To not take active steps preventing children outside of NFP.

I can’t imagine a medical reason would preclude marriage. I’m not sure about elective surgery. I’ve been told that, for instance, a vascectomy should be reversed if there is a reasonable availability of that procedure (funding, health, etc.). But, to my understanding, that isn’t mandatory. But I could be wrong.

Sterility is not an impediment to marriage so as long as both can engage in the marriage act the ability to conceive would not invalidate a marriage.

We are supposed to believe nothing is impossible for God and the Bible clearly shows the first chapter of Luke, Elizabeth who was thought to be barren was with child. When Gabriel revealed this to Zachariah he didn’t believe Gabriel because he and Elizabeth were so old so Gabriel made Zachariah mute until John the Baptist was born because he didn’t trust what Gabriel told him.

This is correct.

Canon 1084 §3. Sterility neither prohibits nor nullifies marriage, without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 1098.

Some one who is unable to have children, but can have intercourse could marry.

Only the permanent inability to have intercourse would hinder marriage.

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