Marriage question


I have no intentions nor am I in a relationship but I want to ask if a marriage by a judge with a priest present valid? If one receives permission to marry outside the Catholic church to another in their Church all that matters is that a priest is there for the Catholic party. Right?




No. If a Catholic marries a non-Catholic, and receives a dispensation from form, it is not necessary for a priest to be present to witness the marriage. That requirement is what would have been dispensed.


If a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic receives a dispensation from form then exchanging vows before a judge or in the non-Catholic’s place of worship would be a valid marriage.

No. The purpose of dispensation from form is for the Catholic to marry without the priest. v
In such cases the presence of a Catholic priest is not required at all.

If the Catholic party has a priest present it would be as a guest, he does not officiate or have any role in the exchange of consent.


Oh I thought if you were married for example in a non-Catholic’s church. A priest had to be there.



That’s what I thought, too, but I believe them. They seem to be “in the know”.


NO. Not if a dispensation has been given.


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