Marriage question

I had a friend ask me a question I’ve been pondering for quite some time for a whole myself. To be clear, I am with the Church on its public stance of homosexual “marriages,” however, it seems like the focus is on that and not necessarily on keeping true marriages together, that is why are there no protests against divorce, cheating, abuse, etc. I, and my friend, feel these things are probably more damaging to children than homosexual relations. I guess I just want to know why the focus seems to be just on homosexual relations and not nearly as much on how to keep true marriages together and healthy.

Who says the Church is not keenly interested in keeping marriages healthy and true?

The Church is constantly under attack for refusing to endorse divorce and remarriage, after the non-Catholic churches have almost all rejected Christ’s teaching on this subject.

It’s just in the media and on the radio, the emphasis is placed on homosexual relations and rarely ever is anything mentioned about divorce, etc., so that’s where people tend to get the impression that the emphasis is just on homosexualism. I am aware the church wants healthy marriages, it’s just the emphasis seems to be singular minded.

Well, since when does the media have any clue what the Catholic church says about anything?

Singular minded because of the agenda put forth because of the secular media.
No one cares about married/unmarried folks anymore. They don’t sell papers. :shrug:

I agree with the above posters. It’s not as much about what the Church actually teaches, as it is about what the media focuses on.

For the Church, the focus is on “both/and,” not “either/or”. :wink:

Divorce laws are a battle lost 50 years ago. Perhaps you are too young to remember that.

Why does the focus seem to be on same-sex ‘marriage’? Because that’s the question that our culture is actively asking at the moment.

It’s funny, in a perverse way. When contemporary society asks the same question, over and over again, and the Church answers the question, society then asks “why are ya’ll so hung up on that question?” :shrug:

What you really mean is that the media is single minded on this.

Thanks for all the answers! I appreciate reading them.
Even the Catholic radio seems mainly (maybe not solely) focused on homosexual unions and not so much on the divorce and other marital issues.

I listen to Catholic radio quite regularly, and that hasn’t been my experience. I very often hear shows on restoring fatherhood, and manhood. There is a show (The Doctor is In) dedicated specifically to family life. Many call in shows regularly field calls re: divorce and remarriage. There has been a lot of discussion recently about the Synod on the Family, with specific focus on divorce and remarriage. Homosexuality, in Catholic Radio, is one among a myriad issues that are talked about, and generally garners an equal portion of air time as most of the other current major issues that the Church is confronting these days.

I don’t see it. The focus on homosexuality comes from without, not from within. The Church is just doing a lot of defending these days, on that particular teaching.

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