Marriage requirement for God Parents?

When married, in order to be a God Parent must the marriage simply be valid, sacramental, or sacramental to another Catholic & in the Church?

My sister would like me to be the God Father for her son and unborn daughter. My wife is Jewish and were married in a Civil ceremony. I’m speaking to a priest this coming Thursday about receiving a Radical Sanation. I attend Mass every week (and sometimes during the week). I’m very much in line with the Church, except for my marriage.

Assuming no other issues, once I receive a Radical Sanation, would I be eligible to be a God Parent?

Thank you and God Bless.

In order to be a Godparent one must be validly married. It does not matter if the Catholic has married another Catholic or a Protestant or non-baptized person, it just needs to be a valid marriage.
Since you married outside the Church you are currently in an invalid marriage. You need to have your marriage validated. A radical sanation would indeed validate your marriage.

Catholic Godparents should have received the sacrament of confirmation and actively living the faith. If you meet those other requirements then you’ll be all set to be a Godparent.

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