Marriage Rite - Second Typical (English) Edition for the USA


Greetings good CAF people!

In my googling, I can’t seem to find an update as to when/if CDWDS in Rome has reviewed and approved the Second English Edition of the Rite of Marriage.

From the For Your Marriage pages of USCCB, it was supposed to have been done in 2014, but I’ve heard it’s not yet done.

Anyone have any whispers or definitive statements as to its status?

God bless you all!


I’m presuming you came across this article on the For Your Marriage website:

Marriage Rite, Second Edition, What’s New?

I have no secret knowledge, but from the article, he says that the U.S. bishops voted and approved the translation at their November 2013 meeting and that the next step was for Rome to approve it “hopefully in 2014.” Given that it is now 2015 and your Google searches cam up empty and I see no mention of the Vatican recognitio having been obtained either on the Vatican website or the USCCB website, I would presume that the author’s “hope” is as of yet unfulfilled. :wink:

In other words, it hasn’t happened yet. The reason you can’t find any information is probably because there is no new information. Eventually, it will receive the approval (or be sent back to the bishops for more changes). Then I’m sure there will be more articles written and press releases made. It’s not altogether unusual for these things to take longer than anticipated.


Why did the Vatican decide to release a third edition of the Roman Missal in what, 2002 or so, but has not done the same yet with the Rite of Marriage?

What is the publication status of other rites as far as which edition number is the latest?


You’d have to ask the CDWDS. :wink:

Though I imagine they generally treat different texts differently. Maybe they don’t feel the Rite of Marriage needs another revision at this time. :shrug:

You’d think someone has to have a table of which rites are in which edition somewhere on the internet. :slight_smile: I don’t know, though.


Well, the third edition of the Missal wasn’t implemented in the U.S. until 2011. From the proposed changes listed above, it appears that they seem to address a richer narrative and new options for the nuptial ceremony as opposed to dealing with poor translations and doctrinal clarity issues, which were the driver for the missal and which would seem to be more pressing.


Makes perfect sense. :thumbsup:

Still, if anyone has any news or solid updates, I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to know!

God bless,


Hmm… I wasn’t aware translations and doctrinal clarity drove the latest missal. Wikipedia notes,

This edition added feasts, especially of recently canonized saints, it added more prefaces of the Eucharistic Prayers, it provided additional Masses and prayers for various needs, and it revised and amplified the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.

I suppose the revised GIRM might have provided a little more clarity, though I question whether any of it was doctrinal.


The 2002 edition of the Roman Missal was not promulgated because of doctrinal concerns and poor translations. However, the 2011 English translation of it was, per Liturgicam Authenicam and other documents.


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