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I'm writing a Catholic fiction book. Coming here to get a correct answer.

What were the marriage requirements in 1970?
I have a single man (free to marry) marrying a widow (also free to marry, no impediments there for either).
He has known here about 4 months, and would like to set a wedding date a month away. His parish priest knows him well (and that he is an educated mature faithful Catholic). Her priest knows her less well, but knows she is a faithful Catholic.

I know today there are various requirements- pre-Cana, a waiting period, etc.
In 1970, could a couple get engaged and marry that quickly? If it was not the norm (or "permissible" , could a priest waive the requirements if he felt it prudent?


Dear MatureMumG,Good morning and God bless.I can only answer your question from an Australian point of view.From a Civil point ,The Australian Marriage Act of 1964 set it in law that a couple had to give six months to a month for a couple to marry.As Marriage Celebrants we have to also see if the parties are related to each other and also supply evidence of any Divorce or Anullment procedures,nominating the Family Court and the date the procedure became absolute. From a Church point of view,I think the custom of announcing the Banns of Marriage for three weeks was abolished.In each parish,the couples’ names and intent of Marriage were read out.The purpose was to see if there were any impediments not known or revealed to the priest celebrating the Marriage.In 1970 most priests would be reluctant to conduct a marriage if the bride was pregnant.In your scenario, most priests would make a mature & prudent judgement and officiate at the Marriage of your couple. The couple marry each other,the priest is there as a witness of the Church,to see papers are signed,to conduct the Liturgy.In Australia we then have to register the Marriage with our State’s Registery of Births,deaths and Marriages. Hope this helps,looking forward to reading your book!

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