Marriage- the RC seems to be firmly Pharisee-ish and Legalistic about it


Do you mean the teaching that Divorce goes against God’s commandments?


Somehow I detect an underlying current of someone who is either attempting marriage in the Catholic church and needs an annulment to do it or is from another faith and doesn’t understand the whole process.

If you would like to explore this wonderful website from our diocese, please do…


I am getting married in the Church, and I was thinking the same thing at first. But then I realized that it is part of the Church’s mission to make sure that the two people marrying are ready and willing.

Compared to some governmental procedures, it’s a cake walk, and it takes one’s oath to God as a valid assurance. That is, it leaves the responsibility on the two people inquiring as to whether or not they are telling the truth.

The Church would be miseducating if it didn’t ask the questions and document them.

God bless


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The up shot
This thread is a waste of space, that quote doesn’t deserve its own thread because

  1. No specific examples given of AAA doing this. So how can we discuss this person’s gripes?
  2. Marriage is a sacrament, of course it has rules, of course the Church has the authority to enforce those rules to protect the sanctity of this sacrament. You can’t complain about that.
  3. Almost all comparisons between the Catholic Church and the Pharisees are a load of trash. God never promised the infallibility of the Pharisees like He did of the Catholic Church.


Originally Posted by hvg3akaek
…I cannot but look into the AAA section before I feel my blood begin to boil with some of the crazy “letter of the law, not spirit of the law” claims! Marriage seems to be a big one - the RC seems to be firmly Pharisee-ish and Legalistic about it.

Might I suggest this person keep asking different churches until he or she gets the answer he or she wants.

Ya know, the Church just can’t please anyone. Half are mad because she’s too strict and the other half is mad because she’s not strict enough.


The Church was particular on marriage since her inception. Jesus was strict on marriage of course the church would be.

Oddly enough this is today’s reading. (May 13th)


It seems to be meant for the OP. :wink:


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