Marriage troubles

What else is new, right? I used to scan this forum and sigh and shake my head over all the threads about marriage problems, and now I’m living it. What I mostly need to know is if anyone has any leads to specific places to turn (books, articles, online counseling, etc) that they recommend. There are plenty of resources, I know. I just don’t know where to begin. I’m so miserable I feel I really need to talk to someone, but it has to be done confidentially, without my husband’s knowledge, low cost or free, lest it shows up on our credit card bill and he starts asking questions, and I definitely can’t do anything like Retrouvaille right now because I can’t leave my daughter for a whole weekend, and I’d have to explain why I’m not around for a weekend! Any help would be appreciated.

The Pastoral Solutions folks do phone counseling, I think. You could call them with a phone card, but I don’t know about how to pay them. A money order maybe? They are Catholic based.

I don’t understand why the need for secrecy from your husband? If you were going to go to Retrouvaille it would be as a couple, not alone.

I’m just not ready to tell him that I think we have a problem because if I did, he’d probably explode and then we’d really be in trouble. I need to get a handle on what’s going on myself, and have some concept of how we might be able to solve things, before I tell him I’m miserable. That’s all.

Thanks for the tip on Pastoral Solutions. Is that Gregory Popcak’s work? I’ll look into it.

Yup, that’s it!

There is also

Another thought, call your local Catholic Charities or the Family Life office at your Diocise for local referrals.

Prayers here!

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