Marriage under other religions

On religions that are non-trinitarian. They bind man and woman in marriage. Is the marriage valid? I believe they do not have the authority. First of all, they do not have a valid priesthood. Consequently, what happens when the couple procreate? Are they committing fornication?

Thanks for the reply.


\What your or I believe is irrelevant. The Catholic Church teaches that marriages, no matter who witnesses them, between one man and one woman who are non-Catholic, or even non-Christians, and are otherwise free to marry, are presumed valid.

Yes, the Church recognizes non-Catholic marriages as valid. If they are not baptized the marriage is called a valid natural marriage. If both are baptized (Trinitarian baptism) the marriage is valid and a sacrament.

Valid marriage does not require valid Holy Orders. In the Catholic Church (Latin Rite) the priest is the official witness of the Church, not the minister of the sacrament.

No. You are mistaken in your notion of Church teaching on marriage of non-Catholics.

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